Slagathor Plague

Two hundred years ago a great plague went across the Vale. Not much is known for House Slagathor during this time, as the main family line died during this period. This result in a climatic civil war that led to hundreds being killed.

Recently, before the meeting of the Raven Five [[SESSION 12 (8/14/16) | SESSION 12 (8/14/16)]], Rebekka Stone and Corinne Stone discovered a secret passage to the Old Crypt.

In the Old Crypt, a once-handsome crypt packed pell-mell with bones. It smells of rot and death. Many of the bones are cracked and broken and stuffed wherever they can fit. The crypt consists of a long hall with a big room at the end. Rebekka glances at the names on the tombs and finds they’re all Slagathors, but only dating up to the big civil war. The last room contains only one tomb, with a Valyrian inscription crossed out and the word “traitors” scratched over it in Westerosi. A Valyrian steel sword, a potential Heirloom, is plunged through the stone lid and seems in remarkably good condition.

The bones are tinged an odd grey color, and the group finally realizes what the mysterious plague was: Greyscale. Greyscale is a disease that can leave flesh stiff and dead, and the skin cracked and flaking, mottled black and grey and stone-like to the touch. It makes disfigured and is not able to be cured. Towards the end, anyone with greyscale goes mad.

It makes some sense why everything was burned during the Civil War: to destroy anything potentially infected. Those items that could not, or would not, were lock away. The losers of the Slagathor Civil War were sealed in the Old Crypt, never to be found again, and the sword, cursed by Greyscale as well, never to be used. At least until now…

Slagathor Plague

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