The Household has a variety of members as part of the castle. Some of the more important members are as follows (excluding children except as noted)

Leaders of House Slagathor

The Players and their important roles

Recent Additions to the Teeth

  • Pierre Cousteau: The Head Chef of the hot new restaurant at the new market. His specialty is shellfish and flambe (because his father died tragically on a fishing trip where the ship was allegedly attacked by a giant crustacean). Restaurant is untitled.
  • Backteeth Boys: With the new market, the Teeth has grown rich enough to have its own House Band. It’s a mainly brass band with flutes, trumpets, and a lute

Other Notable Figures

  • Castellan: Havard Slagathor. A 2nd, older cousin of Arthur, Havard helped managed the Teeth when Arthur when away. But then Meera came, then the children grew up, and soon they took over Havard’s roles in the castle. He’s content with this and now has little say in the affairs of the castle. He sometimes play cards with Arthur, does a little gardening and occasionally requests a new book to read. In his 70s
  • Steward: Potter Stone. A bastard of a cousin, Potter help ran the economy of the Teeth for several years; a quiet, insensitive man who disliked children, he escorted Allison’s body back to Gulltown. After this, he requested a leave to Essos, where he has not returned from. Arthur has not appointed a replacement, so the position is left open.
  • Septon: Vacant. Meera’s sister, Alarys Coldwatera Septa, keeps insisting that one should be hired.
  • Assistant Master of Horse: Rena Stone. The only living child of a now defunct cousin-line of Slagathors, this 28 year old woman keeps the stable in good shape. A black-hair, stern woman, who seems to like horses more than people. Never married.
  • Blacksmith: Tarrus. A civilian, naturally gifted, he helps repairs blades and armor. In his 30s, a gifted, friendly, tall man who likes to gamble a bit too much. Not the only smith, but the one most Slagathors go to.
  • Head Cook: Desa Snow. A woman from the North, 40s, loves drink a bit much. Her specialty is Recipe #39, a special stew that uses little but the pure essence of deliciousness.

Players, feel free to add/request others!


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