House Upcliff

House Upcliff is a mysterious family pledged to House Aaryn. A First Man Family, House Upcliff is rumored to have originated from merlings (think mermaids) and/or to have married to merlings in its past. The Upcliffs are known for rarely venturing out of their small island that is located southeast of the rest of the Vale. The island is called Witch Island, likely because it is said the island was ruled by the Upcliff Witch Queens. Magic is said to still linger on the island, and it takes outsiders normally much time to be welcomed to its insular culture. Some say it is not magic but the essence of evil. Despite this, its trade of salt and fish makes it merchant ships a welcome sight. It has a small navy that has fought pirates well, but unless directly ordered to, its ship do not leave the coasts of Witch Isle. They also, according to Warson, have a unique raven system.

Their Coat of Arms is a cresting sea-green wave of water on a field of black.
Their Words are Follow the Sea.
Their Castle is named Deepwater, and is located by the Sea – at high tide, the water is said to enter the castle and surrounds the entirety of it, making it impossible to travel to without dying, as the water creates a type of murky mud that you are stuck to while you drown.

The Family is as follows:

  • Lady Morgan Upcliff, late thirties, is said to be a cunning woman of beauty and power. She has not been seen by anyone outside of Deepwater in twenty years it is rumored.
  • Warson Upcliff, 18, is an expert spear user and naval captain. It is said that he is first Upcliff to be seen in a hundred years by most Houses, though this is likely an exaggeration. A man of few words, his mixture of black and silver hair was the talk of Gulltown during the tournament. Said to be in charge of the navy. He did lose to Leo slagathor in the melee tournament. Recently, he returned Chadwick from his winter travels, and, thanks to Ysabel, Rebekka and Meera, became smitten with Nina Slagathor. Over three days (quite long in GoT and Disney terms!) they fell in love, and after a fierce debate, is currently engaged to Nina. Is heading back to Witch Isle.
  • ZoraaUpcliff,, 19, is in charge of the finances and maintenance of the castle. A friendly woman, her red and black hair make her easily seen. It is known that she is quite able with a ship as well. Oddly, is the heir.
  • Magus Upcliff, 14, is known to exist. It is said he governs the island if his sister is ill. It is not known if this has ever happened.
  • Geddard Upcliff, 12, is said to be prodigy by merchants. What is he a prodigy of is different with every telling.

House Upcliff

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