House Redfort

House Redfort is one of the principal houses of the Vale. Proud, vain and loyal, House Redfort claim they have never lost a fight where they were the leaders. Their horsemen are perhaps unmatched in all of the Vale, and many a battle with the Mountainmen have ended with their charge.

They are good friends with House Royce and other First Man families of the Vale and of the North. They rely on House Waxley in Wickendon for their needed luxury goods, as the Redforts are said to spend much coin on the pleasures in life. Luckily, they live in a fertile part of Westoros, and help feed much of the populace in the region. Unluckily, their beer, while the best seller in the Vale, is probably the worse tasting.

Their Castle is named Redfort. They are located north of Wickendon and south of the Ironoaks. It is one of the oldest maintained castles in Westoros, thousands of years old, and insure many of the castles in the Vale. It is not though normally Red, instead of being a dull grey-white. Legend says when defending the castle they would pour blood on the walls to remind the enemy of what they were about to lose.

Their Coat of Arms is of their Red Castle in a field of white, with a red border.

Their Words are As Strong as Stone

Their family is as follows:

Lord Horton Redfort is a short middle aged man with a well-trim beard and well-tailored clothes. He ensures that everyone is always fed with his delicious feasts, and loves hosting various musicians and play companies to his castle. He is also a formidable general. His 2nd wife, Pamela, is said to be very ill.

Jaspar Redfort, 15, is an average looking fellow with black hair and crimson eyes. Talented with a horse and spear, he made the Quarter-finals in the Tournament at the wedding of the Grafton. Clifford Slagathor is known to be good friends with him, and Clifford has accompanied Jaspar in hunts to kill Mountainmen. Clifford says that Jaspar is a good man, though is wary of presenting him to his sisters – this may be related to his reputation for whoring. He defeated Leo Slagathor during the melee tournament.

Creighton Redfort, 11, is a short kid who often gets into fights and arguments. Considered to have good potential.

Jon Redfort, 8, is well on his way to being knighted, though he is able to keep up with studies into music and plays rather well.

House Redfort

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