House Corbray

House Corbray is an Andal family that, until the Aaryns united the Vale, used to be known as the King of the Fingers, referring to the Finger Islands. House Corbray used to be considered one of the great houses of the Value, but in recent times have become a smaller, poor house. Located south of the Snakewood, on the Vale River that leads to the Narrow Sea, the Corbrays look for an opportunity to be important once more.

The Corbrays are well-known for that battle prowess, and said to be one of Jon Arryn’s go to House when mountainmen cause trouble. They also have an iron mine nearby.

Their House location is called Heart’s Home.
Their Words are unknown.
Their Coat of Arms consists of three black ravens in flight, carrying three hearts, on a background of white.

Their Family is as follows:

  • Lord Lance Corbray, mid 40s, is a known master of the sword, lance and horse, having won multiple tourneys in his youth. A man of few words, curt, and easily angered.
  • Ser Lyonel Corbray, early 20s, follows after his father in his abilities but not in personality. He is polite and responsible, and is well-known for his knowledge of events in the Vale. His first wife died in childbirth and is currently unmarried.
    Ser Lyn Corbray, early 20s, is an eager, zealous warrior known for his desire for combat. A strong warrior, he also is known for both spending much for the various Septums, particularly the orphanages, and on his own House.
  • Lucas Corbray, late teens, often stays in the background, letting his brothers do the thinking when its’ needed. Like his brothers, he is good with a weapon.

House Corbray

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