After House Slagathor betrayed House Reed, the Targaryens rewarded Felix Slagathor with two important gifts: land of their own in the Erie and this amulet, containing the scales of the great Dragon Balerion. It is a bit old now, the amulet made of bronze, but it still feels warm to the touch. During the Slagathor Plague 200 years ago, it was rumored that nearly everything was burned as a precaution – this amulet survived.


Another object that survived was the Valyrian Steel Sword also given by House Targayen. In the Old Crypts, hidden near the New Crypts, Rebekka Stone and Corinne Stone found, past a room filled with tainted skeletons and ruined tombs, was a sword. It had a name, but it was etched away into nothing. A new word had been written: “Traitor” However, it has been infected with Greyscale. It has been left sealed in the tomb.



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