Deceased Foes

This is where those who have fought the Slagathors and died will be listed.


Gabool’s Henchmen
Launched an attack at the Slagathors, after forcing Mars the trader to take them to port. They included:

  • Captain (And Overall Commander of Operations): Xanduul, a mid 30s blue-beard lean fit man with a scar on his eye, tanned. Friendly, hadscimitar. From Tyrosh
  • 2nd in command of Scorpion: Viikor. Big, buff man, bald, quiet. Excellent Fighter.
  • Trained Assassin: Ratifi: Small, brown hair with streaks of green, tanned. Had an interest in Rebekka, never explored. Killed by Raynar after almost killing Nina.
  • Linwei: From Asshai, trained assassin, only one to see thru Meera’s poison plot, injured Ysabel, killed by Marcus Felix, Clifford and Leo.
  • Undel: Faithful to the Lord of Light, he talked to Ysabel about the Lord of Light, giving clarfication about certain tenets and encouraging her to visit the temple in Tyrosh.

Most of these men prayed to the God of Naagas, a Tyrosh Sea God. All but Xandull were executed by soldiers under Leo. Xanduul is likely to be executed by Arthur.

Fake Ex-Maester of House Redwood, In his only appearance, he wore a dark brown robe with a large necklace, with one white pearl and another red. He walked with a hunch normally, and was an older man. A man from Essos.

About 6 months ago, Maester Till of House Redwood died; a couple of weeks later, according to Aaron Redwood, Maester Haades appeared. He was friendly and willing to help the family as their Maester until a new one was appointed. Eventually appointed, his main task was to help the ailing Lord Redwood, a task which he performed diligently but poorly.

Maester Meera determined during the Wedding of the Grafton that Maester Haades was likely a fraud, and one inflicting harm at that. Maester Meera worked with the Maester Conclave to send messages to the nearby houses to have him arrested, and likely interrogated.

According to Aaron Redwood’s letter, he has escaped, though how has not been revealed. He was in hiding, as he is a wanted man, dead or alive. Meera’s investigation showed that he used Sweetsleep to do his actions. He was hiding in the woods in the East, where Geena and Rebecca discovered from a dying Ferus that an initiation into this new cult were taking place.

During the initiation rite, he introduced five members to his cult, until he and the rest were ambushed. Using powers from the Lord of Light, and a sacrifice from one of the disciples, he summoned a spear of fire, and cursed Jones to an early death. He was killed during the battle. A former member of the Scarlet Shepards.

That Assassin killed in the first episode tat you forgot about already
To be fair, he never did get a name. Killed by Rebekka Stone during her investigation of the Freys, along with the bastard of the Bloodhands.

Deceased Foes

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