Animals and Mythological Creatures

This page will be used to talk about important animals and mythological creatures in the Game of Thrones universe.


Found only in the Vale and in the North, Shadowcats are large feline creatures that often have an affinity with wildlings and mountain-men. With their sharp claws and teeth, they are fierce creatures. The size of our tigers and lions, shadowcats can track its prey for miles, and are known for breaking bones to drink marrow.



Gyrfalcons are the best bird of prey and of hunting in Westoros. Found only in the Vale, they are sought all over the world. It takes years to properly train a Gyrfalcon, but once done, they can track almost anything, and hunt anything smaller. About two feet long and with a wingspan of four feet (think like a giant buzzard), in the wild it hunts both fish and small ground animals, and birds. The Aaryns keep a small fleet of them, so rumor says.




The common fish near the waters of the Teeth, the gar is somewhat delicious. Just don’t fight the giant legendary Gar that lurks in the sea…


Sorry folks, this is the wrong game for them.

Dragons have been for over a hundred years, since the Dance of Dragons led to their killing. They are considered extinct by everyone.

Animals and Mythological Creatures

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