2nd in Command of BBs, Tough, Fierce


A tough, bad-ass looking dude, he uses a giant two-hand axe, and is capable of crushing people skulls with his feet. The 2nd in Command of the Bonebreakers, only behind his father, the one called Griffon. Around the age of Arthur Slagathor.


Wolf is a known enemy of the Vale. He started his career pillaging and raping many traders and their families on the East-West Highway, before moving on to raising a village said to be untakeable in the hills. He then did his most brazen act, burning a small town to the ground and enslaving its people, and afterwards helped his father take control of the Bonebreakers after Brennos died. There is a bounty on his head, but many doubt it will be claimed.

He also hates the brat of the Slagathors, Avlon, after he killed his horse. He also wants vengeance for his shadowcat pet.


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