Arthur Slagathor

Leader of House Slagathor


Arthur Slagathor is a 38 year old tall man, known for his archery prowess, big beard & mustache, almost a gristled fisherman look, with thick black hair starting to grey. This is a man still in good shape who looks damn good in either his always kept in shape Slagathor Armor or in fine formal almost silk clothes.


Eldest Son of Arnive Slagathor and Ector Slagathors (cousins), Arthur was always talented with a bow, and show surprising skill as a scholar and diplomat in his early age. From his father, he learned how to take command of the Teeth’s soldiers; from his mother, he learned how to make others love him. Arthur was the pride and joy of his parents.

When he was fifteen he had a relationship with his childhood friend and servant Madelynne that conceived Rebekka Stone, the first of many children. While the two loved each other, he knew his family would not allow them to marry, due to her status.

Around the same time, a great pirate attack in the southern part of the Vale, near Wickendon, occurred, with many villages burned and a close friend killed in combat by Pirate King Gabool. This showed how the pirate threat could easily become a painful reality for their lands. Arthur felt the best way to deal with this threat was to unite the numerous navies of the Vale into one great fleet. And the only way to do that was to convince House Grafton, their long-time enemy.

Arthur thus did something that was not heard of: he personally convinced Lord Grafton to marry his daughter, Allison Slagathor, at the age of 17. This took some time, but at the end the Graftons were convinced of his sincerity. [In reality, Allison was sent to kill both his parents and Arthur once she had a male child – but Arthur never learned of this].

Arthur and Allison were soon quite in love, even though tragedy quickly occurred; his two parents both died of sickness, and he became Lord Slagathor at 18. At the same time, Gabool’s heir attacked Port Felix, trying to destroy once and for all. Arthur defended it with bravery, slewing the pirate child and earning a reputation Songs About Slagathor. Despite this, the Graftons and the others were unable to be convinced to launch a counter-attack on the Essos pirates.

Arthur and Allison soon began having many children: Marcus Felix, Ysabel, Leo, Clifford, Geena, Nina, Rupert, and Arthur spent much of his time being a good parent and member of the Raven Five. But then tragedy broke, when his wife was murdered by his first love, Madelynne, who had gone mad over the years, and finally broke, even killing her only brother. Arthur had her executed, but the Graftons never forgave this, blaming Arthur for her death.

Since her death, Arthur has been more recluse and quieter, but is still able to manage the affairs of the House ably. He also has been much more open to wooing the ladies, having numerous bastard children, such as Corinne, Lillison, Gareth and Marla. Arthur continues to try to be a peace-keeper in the Vale, and sometimes requested by local lords as a judge for important matters. He is a respected lord in the Vale, and can still handle a ship and bow. Still, the dream of ending the Pirate threat lingers in his mind – and there be no dream of find another wife, now that both loves of his life are dead. Or so people think.

A few months, he was at the Eyrie to help Jon Arryn handle the House Highsun issue, along with Tolbert Bloodhand. He has spent much time at the Teeth working on personal affairs, writing much in journals and other books. He told an inquiring Leo that it was his business what he was doing. He told Marcus before the Wedding of Grafton to find a wife, but has not pushed the issue on the other children. He had a discussion with Meera about House Starskin and sending Nina to paint a wedding, and the two agreed not to do so but to send a wedding gift, which went well.

He agreed with the family’s proposal to invite The Raven Five to a meeting, and to go to meet with Lord Aaron Redwood to pay his respects, find out more information and support his consolidation. He informed Meera that he never had any bastards when confronted with the Graftons accusation, being angered about it, before revealing that Madelynne had a child, but not of his. He said that he met with Henry Reed of House Reed to take the child, but found out a few years that the child, Glen, died.

Arthur has spent most of the time at Castle Heartree providing cover and fulfilling the family’s obligations while they figure out what has happened. Against Aaron’s plan to attack the First Shadows, Arthur is compelled though to help if nothing can be done. He has not spend anytime wooing any of the castle’s ladies, which is a bit of a mild shock. Perhaps this is related to the letters he’s been sending to Runestone and to near the Eyrie, which Harold discovered were being sent to House Egan and House Royce. He escorted Alarys back to Runestone and was there during the incident with the pirates in Episode 5. He requested that he personally executed the last of the pirates and was pleased with how the Slagathors handled affairs.

(Note: He has 1 unknown bastard currently not living at the Teeth, determined by GM during Character Creation)

Arthur Slagathor

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