Tournament Results

After each tournament, the results of each Slagathor will be listed here. In addition, the overall winners shall be named.

Tournament for the Wedding of the Grafton

Slagathor Results
Leo Slagathor: Defeated in the 2nd round of the melee tournament by Jaspar Redfort.
Clifford Slagathor: Defeated in the 2nd round of the Joust by Elbert Arryn.

Overall Results
Archery: Willard Waxley
Melee: Mandon Moore
Joust: Robert Bartheon

The Raven Five Tournament: [[SESSION 13 (9/11/16) | SESSION 13 (9/11/16)]]

Slagathor AND Overall Results
Archery: Avlon Slagathor defeated Pommel Bloodhand
Melee: Leo Slagathor defeated Marlin, 3rd place Clifford
Joust: Clifford Slagathor, 2nd place Leo, 3rd place Marcus Felix

If you have a question on the performance of any fighter for any tournament listed, please let me know.

Tournament Results

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