Timeline of the Game

This is a brief history of the universe for our game; does not include Slagathor details, just the big events in Westoros. The game takes place in 280 After Conquest (AC).

100 Years Before conquest (BC) by the Targayens: The Doom of Valyria. An event shrouded by mystery, one of the worse events seen in the world. All of Essos shook, and all of Valyria’s volcanos erupted – the capital was reduced to ashes, and almost all of the Valyrins were killed in moments – only the Targayens emerged unharmed, having moved to an island just a few years before the disaster. This promptly led to the Century of Blood in Essos, where the Dothariki destroyed dozens of cities. It also led to the current political organization of Essos as it is today, scattered into countless city-states, pirates, and a semi-organized chaos.

0BC: The War of Conquest. In a three year period, Aegon Targayen with his two sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya, began and ended their invasion of Westoros after being insulted by House Hoare, leader of the Riverlands and the Iron Islands, for refusing marriage with Aegon’s bastard brother Orys Bartheon. With their three dragons, the Targayens easily took what would be their homeland, including what is now King’s Landing.

The Targayens used their navy to attack Gulltown – and promptly lost. Undettered, they burned Harrenhal, killed every member of House Hoare (whose lands would be given to House Greyjoy and House Tully), eliminated House Gardener (lands given to House Tyrell) and finally made the North bend the knee at the Battle of Trident, which is where the Slgathors did their thing. Only with five of seven kings of Westoros having either been killed or surrender did the Arryns surrender, and it is only the Arryns who never lost a battle to the Targayens. The Bartheons would be given the Stormlands for their loyalty.

130 After Conquest (AC): The Dance of Dragons. A civil war emerged that resulted in the death of the last dragon of the Targayens. No dragons have been seen since and they are now but a myth in Westoros.

180AC: After multiple wars, the Dorne pledge themselves to the Targayens after a series of marriages make the families closer together. They now are servants of the Targayens.

196AC: The First Blackfyre Rebeliion. The Blackfyres were a legitimate bastard family made by the King in 184AC, and revolted for control for the land. There were five rebellions, all of which failed. The Blackfyres traditionally, upon defeat, went to Essos to recover, and then they would try again to take power.

244AC: The current King of Westoros, Aerys II is born.

258AC: The War of the Ninepenny Kings, also the Fifth and Last Blackfyre Rebellion, where the Blackfyres were finally extinguished. The war of the Ninepenny Kings is called that because, when it was revealed that the last Blackfyre were using mainly mercenaries, including the infamous Golden Company, Duncan Targayen said “crowns were being sold nine a penny”. Many of the land’s current great lords fought during this war, including Tywin Lannister, Stefon Bartheon, and the current king Aerys II.

259AC: The Tragedy at Summerhall occurs. In one single fire, King Aegon V, the heir Duncan Targayen and the entire Kingsguard were killed. No one knows what happened at this tragedy, though rumors say Aegon V was trying to bring life back to Dragons. Jaehaerys II is made King. Coincidentally, the current heir of the land, Rhaegar, was born this same day.

262AC: Aerys II is made King after his father Jaehaerys II dies. Jaehaerys is considered a good king, though his reign was but three years, and he dies at age 37.

264AC: Hand of the King Tywin Lannister repeals the Three Laws, combined called the Rights of the Smallfolk, to the merriment of the Great Houses.

276AC: Second Son of Aerys II, Viserys is born. Rhaegar and Viserys are the only children of the King. A Great Tournament of all the Houses is held in Lannisport, but the King does not show.

277AC: The Defiance of Duskendale. Lord Duskendale requested a charter to make a trading city (for more independence/less taxes), and invited the King Aerys II to hear his claim. When the King visited and decline, Duskendale kidnapped the King and held him hostage for 6 months. Only the bravery of Barristan Selmy saved the King, and both the King and Tywin ensured that all the Duskendales and their people died.

279AC: Stefon Bartheon is sent by King Aerys II to find a wife for Prince Rheaegar. Varys is hired by the King.

280AC: The Game Starts. Rumors of a great tournament of the all Houses at Harrenhal…

298AC: To be determined…..

Timeline of the Game

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