The Rescue of the Royce Princess

Despite the Slagathor Plague, House Slgathor continued to upgrade its naval capabilities, and began to establish itself as one of the Coast Guard families of the Vale (House Bloodhand is another). The specialty of the Slagathors was defeating pirates and slavers from Essos, who knew nothing of honor or pride.

About a hundred years ago, it is said that Rebekka Royce, 3rd daughter of House Royce, was taking an afternoon ride when the Pirate Princess Ceciya kidnapped her and killed all of her guards and followers. House Royce sent messengers asking for any information on Ceciya, planning on hiring mercenaries.

Upon hearing this, the Heir of House Slagathor, Connor, took out his entire navy to chase after the Pirate Princess. Having recently re-built the fleet, the ships were faster than Ceciya’s, and the fleet caught her at the Narrow Sea. After several hours of fighting, Ceciya was dead and Rebekka was saved.

Rebeka and Connor took the long way back to Runestone, and during their voyage the two fell in love. House Royce was most pleased with this development, and allowed the two to marry. Since then, House Slagathor had has strong relations with House Royce. This development though increased the animosity of House Grafton towards Slagathor.

The Pirate Princess was not avenged by her mother for unknown reasons at that time. However, the family that the Princess originated from, the Elviento, still lingers in Essos, near Lys, and occasionally makes attacks upon both House Slagathor and House Royce. Pirate King Gabool currently is not known to have a relationship with the Elviento.

The Rescue of the Royce Princess

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