The Raven Five

The Raven Five is the term given to the five families who settled the Vale from the North.

At the Battle of the Trident, almost 300 years ago, Brandon Snow led an army south, where they saw the remains of Harrenhal. Brandon Snow was ready to fight to the death, sacrifice all for the sake of the North. Wiser families took action: they betrayed the North, ensuring the capture of Brandon Snow by Targayens and saving the lives of thousands.

The Raven Five could not return to the North, so they were given lands in the South, mainly from House Grafton. They were also given significant rewards, which the Slagathor keep as their Heirloom.

Recently, the Raven Five had a meeting, where it was agreed that House Slagathor was to be the formal leader of this coalition. They were nominated by House Bloodhand.

The five heroic houses, blessed with black hair, are:

The Raven Five

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