The Lands of Slagathor

House Slagathor’s domain is dominated by its dominating castle, the Teeth. The castle is a huge, sprawling defensive mess and masterpiece, with a lighthouse and strong walls. Inside its walls is the Town of Teeth, named after the castle. The people there are primarily focused on the sea, serving as sailors, fisherman or helping traders.

Many though have professions unrelated to the sea. The grasslands outside the coast are a bit salty, making it easy for sheep to subside on the land. Some wheat crops are also grown, though it grows at a faster rate in other parts of the Vale. The inland portion of the domain of Slagathor is only a few miles or a day’s ride. The Black Squirrel Inn typically marks the end of the Slagathor domain.

A small river called Maira River runs from the Black Hills to the sea, providing the fresh water needed for the wheat and sheep. It is not difficult to cross the river except in times of flood or great rain.

The roads to the Teeth are not particularly well-kept currently. There are beaten-down paths and old roads laid dormant from repairs, but Slagathor has focused its attentions on Port Felix and on supporting other houses for alliances.

The Lands of Slagathor

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