The Teeth is the Castle and Town that the Slagathors call home. Built over many years after their immigration from the North, the Teeth is one of the toughest castles in all the Vale, and has never been taken over by an external enemy. It includes a lighthouse and enough rooms so that every Slagathor (and related bastard) can have their own room. The castle is so huge that there are no small towns for several miles – all its people live within the walls, including the local fishermen.

The Teeth is so large that many rooms, corridors, and even towers are left empty, and only occasionally repaired. It is said that many under-ground passages were sealed off due to the Slagathor Plague but wither this is myth or truth is unknown. Corinne Stone and Rebekka Stone recently an iron door, locked, hidden underneath the New Crypts, with a message in Valryian that states:

“Those who lay here sinned with betrayal. Those who lay here killed by betrayal. Open the dark legacy only to survive. For no other purpose shall you open.”

(To update with a hand-drawn map of the Teeth)



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