Songs About Slagathor

As is atypical for Houses, it is known among many noble houses that House Slgathor is named after Slagathor, the founder’s Felix pet crocodile. As with many houses, there are many songs about the history of House Slgathor. Here are some…

“Slagathor the Beast”
To be read with the following music:

Slagathor was never an agreeable beast—
His tongue tells tales of rebellion.
But he was so fast,
And quick with his teeth,
No one quite knew where he came from.

Slagathor was never quite the quietest beast—
His attacks were loud and quite joyful.
But he knew the ways of nobler men,
And he knew how to devour them.

He would always like to say,
“Why change the past,
When you can own this day?”
Today he will fight,
To keep his way.
He’s a crocodile ,
And he’ll change your fate.

Slagathor was never quite a handsome beast—
Some say he came from [a] cesspit
But he was loyal,
And quick to shield,
His skin hard like a dragon.

Slagathor was never quite the gentlest beast—
His eyes were sharp like a razor.
But he knew the ways of commoner men,
And he knew how to devour them.

He would always like to say,
“Why change the past,
When you can own this day?”
Today he will fight,
To keep his way.
He’s a crocodile ,
And he’ll change your fate.

And the original version

Song 2: “O Slagathor”

[Rarely sung, was an old victory song]

Even tougher? You mean it?
Greater than the Starks and Reeds you ate?
You’re the best of the worst around
Oh, Slagathor
Oh, Slagathor
The rest fall behind
To Slagathor
To Slagathor
The world’s greatest cro-o-codile

Oh, Slagathor
Oh, Slagathor
You’re tops and that’s that
To Slagathor
To Slagathor
To Slagathor, the world’s greatest croc!

Even louder
We’ll shout it!
No one can doubt what we know you can do
You’re stronger than even the Old Gods
Oh, Slagathor
Oh, Slagathor
You’re one of a kind
To Slagathor
To Slagathor
The world’s greatest cro-o-codile

Listen to:

Lord Arthur

Originally created by a visiting bard about nine years ago, this little ditty was appreciated by a morose Arthur and the other Slagathors. It’s not popular in the Vale, but every once in a while you can hear Arthur whistle or chuckle…

Song To:

1. Lord Author of the Teeth is our man
2. who protects the people with his plans
3. But old Seven forsaken Gabool
4. he plotted to be ever so cruel
5. He sought our castle for his damned clan

6. A hundred ships the navy was than
7. Under Saltan, the heir, quite large his span
8. One was needed to make him the fool
9. Lord Author

10. The Fleets attacked, and the bloodshed began
11. Saltan led in his boat the Lady Anne
12. With one arrow both man and ship dual
13. lay dead in our very own cesspool
14. Pirates now dare not fight under his ban
15. Lord Author!

And now, for something mostly completely different:

The Ballad of the Lost Sword

The Sheppard grinned, the smallfolk raged
The city burned, the dragons rampaged
Gold melted, lives wasted, none better
The lords lamented the smile of the Sheppard

Protected by a hundred swords
Armored with stolen steel from lords
The Sheppard could not be denied
His words blissful with esteemed pride

Queen of the land, ruler of all
She would not let her queendom fall
The Sheppard, the traitor, must die
And one would be assigned to ride

Tis Willem Royce, Lord of Runestone
Who stood at the foot of his Queen
With a great roar he made it known
King’s Landing shall be made most clean

None dared fight with Lamentation
The ancestral blade of Royce
Williem was now salvation
And queen’s guards pledged with their voice

Charging with bravery the hundred
They cut down all who stood in way
Bodies littered, bodies sundered
Enemies abound, hope was swayed

The Sheppard stood on the Sept
Surrounded by crazed patriots
Willim’s words must indeed be kept
Lamentation ends hatred

Hundred became fifty then one
But that Willem was not yet done
Raising his family’s sharp blade
Its sharp Valryian tongue played

The Sheppard stood but a moment
No longer would he be content
Fell flat he did, in two split parts
No one wished to see his dead heart

But peasants cried out for revenge
And to Willem they would descend
Killed by a thousand cuts was he
And the Lamentation was free

The stained sword escaped King’s Landing
Countless many use its strength to fight
But the Royces never commanding
Doomed always to not see its light

Until when it be needed most
When winter’s fury sends it horde
Then its closest friend shall be host
To Lamentation, the lost sword

And united the Vale shall charge
The ally keeping the Royce safe
Lamentation will be discharged
And the mountains shall be quite saved

Use the power of the dreamer
Use the power of great wisdom
Look for Lamentation warrior
And you shall treasure its power

The Lost Sword of the King Royce shall be restored
That is, if the freefolk does not hunt you down

Lamentation was lost during the Dance of Dragons – the Royces lament the lost of their Valryian Blade. The location of the sword is not known, but the ballad has waned from the height of its popularity from a few decades ago…

Songs About Slagathor

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