Slagathor Navy

The Slagathor Military is a small but well-trained, ready at a moment’s notice to kill either the Mountain Men or the Pirates. The Slagathors devote much of their resources to keeping their forces well-trained, and they have been rewarded – it has been a long-time since the Slagathors have suffered a out-right military defeat.

It was the founder, Felix Slagathor, who established the Teeth and its garrison while it was Frederic Slagathor who established its navy. It has been Arthur Slagathor who has established its newest unit, its archers, who already are said to be almost as good as House Waxley. See the Slagathor Army page for more information on them.

Military Unit: Warship

  • Commander: Marcus Felix Slagathor
  • Second-Commander: Ser Tiberius the Tall. A Hedge Knight from the Riverlands, early 20s, close friend of Marcus. Trusted, Tall, Talented.
  • Third-In-Command: Avlon Slagathor, though he shows little interest in these duties. Mostly ceremonial.
  • Number of Ships: 12
  • Number of Sailors: 620, 50 needed per ship, except for flagship, needs 70.
  • Skill Level: Veteran.

From the Book: “A unit of warships is a small fleet of combat vessels that can transport
another unit into battle.”

The Navy is what the Slagathors are known for. It’s small but deadly, its sailors know the coastlines like the back of their hands, and know some of Essos as well. Like most of Westoros, the fleet is made of mid-sized Galleys that are easy to maintain and upgrade. Galleys uses giant oars to move across the seas, and can either board other ships or use arrows to destroy their enemies.

The Twelve Ships of the Slagathors are as follows:

  1. Connor. Named after the Slagathor who rescued the Royce Princess. Flagship, larger than the other ships. Only mechanical difference is that, unless directed by the players, if there is two more ships around, the Connor will not be chosen to be destroyed. Its advanced size is more of a colorful detail in this game. Captained by Marcus Felix.
  1. Maira. Named after the Maira River. Captained by Ser Tiberius the Tall.
  1. Samuel [named after Meera’s Father]. Captained by Gabriel, Meera’s brother.
  1. Felix. Named after the Founder of House Slagathor. Captained by Carl the 2nd, mid-60s, oldest active Captain.
  1. Ector. Named after Arthur’s deceased father, was the ship Arthur was on when he killed Pirate King Gabool‘s heir. Captained by Alex Axley, mid 30s, from the Iron Islands, left as he didn’t want to be near the Drowned God anymore.
  1. The Arryn. Named after Jon Arryn, Lord of the Vale. Captained by: Tanner the Tanned, Essos Man, great fisherman, great spearman, rumored to be great lover.
  1. The Royce. Named after the Royces. Captained by: Daniel Stone, rumored to be a bastard of the Royces. Mid 50s, pessimist, one-eyed.
  1. The Gator. Named after Slagathor. Captained by: Nestor the Young, 15 prodigy of the sea, well-respected.
  1. The Great Hunter. Named because….yeah, there’s no good reason. Sorry folks. Captained by Barys the Bloody, as he always need healing after the fight.
  1. Raphael. Named after the Slagathor Captain who died in combat 50 years ago. The accursed ship of the fleet, all the problems go to this one. Captained by Quinton the Unlucky, since he captains this ship.
  1. The Warrior. Named after the God. Captained by Kenton, a 40’s man who seems a bit lazy most of the time, until combat comes and he does well.
  1. The Kraken. Named after the legendary creature. Captained by Lyna the Swift, an early 20s woman known for her aggressive but tactical actions.

GM Note: Song of Ice and Fire is very vague about the size of armies. The above number are based on the GM’s estimates based on other people estimates and the few concrete numbers given.

As a comparison, it is said that House Frey and Bolton have about 5000 troops (their Influence being around 51-60) and are powerful families. In addition, the Lannisters are said to have strong navy….of 20-30 ships. The Navy of the King is said to number about 200 galleys. The secret to large armies and navies is making all of the Houses team up. The Starks can’t get 25,000 men without the Karstarks, the Boltons, the Manderlys, etc.

If you feel the numbers above are incorrect though, please let me know.

Slagathor Navy

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