Slagathor Army

The Slagathor Military is a small but well-trained, ready at a moment’s notice to kill either the Mountain Men or the Pirates. The Slagathors devote much of their resources to keeping their forces well-trained, and they have been rewarded – it has been a long-time since the Slagathors have suffered a out-right military defeat.

It was the founder, Felix Slagathor, who established the Teeth and its garrison while it was Frederic Slagathor who established its navy. It has been Arthur Slagathor who has established its newest unit, its archers, who already are said to be almost as good as House Waxley. See the Slagathor Navy page for more information on them.

Military Unit: Garrison

  • Commander: Leo Slagathor, Master-At-Arms
  • 2nd in Command: Harold, a late 20s family man who is loyal and knows what is going on. He’s not always bright though. Sam, a man who has been through a lot lately in aiding Leo and Geena in missions. A man still learning how to read, loyal, capable.
  • 3rd in Command: Egbert. Haughty but talented, has a fine mustache, mid 40s.
  • 600 Men
  • Training: Elite (100 EXP)

From the Book: “A garrison is a unit of soldiers assembled to protect a community or fortification. Many garrisons perform double-duty as watchmen and enforce the lord’s peace. While often competent soldiers, garrisons are better at protecting their homes than fighting on a battlefield, a fact reflected in their poor morale when drawn into a more protracted war. When fighting on their lands, their Discipline Difficulty drops by –3. When away from their lands, their Discipline Difficulty increases by +3.”

The Garrison has been around since the beginning, and its elite members are well-known for their distinct Gator Capes, designed after the legendary alligator Slagathor. No one has ever penetrated the Teeth’s walls without its blessing.

Military Unit: Archers

  • Commander: Arthur Slagathor, also the Overall-Commander.
  • 2nd in Command: Clifford Slagathor
  • 3rd in Command: Formerly Jones, late 50s, great hunter, to-the point, has distinct scar over his eyes, now missing an arm due to Haades. Now Ser Tiberius the Tall, a hedgeknight from the Riverlands who is good friends with Marcus Felix. Quiet but friendly.
  • 600 Trained Archers.
  • Training: Trained.

From the Book: “Archers are troops armed with Marksmanship weapons. Typically lightly armored to move about quickly, archers are useful for softening up a foe, but they tend to be vulnerable in close combat.”

The Archers were made a separate unit early in Arthur’s reign from the Garrison. Though they have proven themselves in battle, their commanders still lack the discipline needed to be truly great, often playing the conservative route in combat.

GM Note: Song of Ice and Fire is very vague about the size of armies. The above number are based on the GM’s estimates based on other people estimates and the few concrete numbers given.

As a comparison, it is said that House Frey and Bolton have about 5000 troops (their Influence being around 51-60) and are powerful families. In addition, the Lannisters are said to have strong navy….of 20-30 ships. The Navy of the King is said to number about 200 galleys. The secret to large armies and navies is making all of the Houses team up. The Starks can’t get 25,000 men without the Karstarks, the Boltons, the Manderlys, etc.

If you feel the numbers above are incorrect though, please let me know.

Slagathor Army

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