Port Felix

Port Felix is the port for the Teeth, the port is named is after the Founder of House Slagathor. Port Felix is often used by Essos tradesmen who wish to avoid the more expensive ports of Runestone and Gulltown, but do not have the time to go to Wickendon.

Professions seen at the port include: sailors, fisherman and dock-workers, along with a few traders and other assorted professions. From Port Felix, Vale traders take the supplies to the rest of the Vale, focusing on the southern lands. Trade with lands outside of the Vale is handled by non-Slagathor traders, as elite luxury goods are not often found at Port Felix.

Port Felix has a stone monument of its founder and crocodile Slagathor, which was designed about two hundred years ago after the civil war. While considered grotesque by many, and inaccurate by most (Slagathor was much bigger) it is left in place.

The biggest trade partners are from the free cities, specifically, Tyrosh, Myr and Lys. Tyrosh normally trades silk and cloth, Myr its tools and weapons, and Lys its lesser wines and perfumes.

Port Felix

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