The following is a list of Maesters who are important in the Vale. Most of these members were at the most recent conclave at the Wedding of the Grafton

  • Esteva: From Dorne, of House Lynderly, Essos Artifact specialist, influential, leader of the conclave. Supportive of Meera after her defense aganist the Freys attempt to use a duel in the trial they lost.
  • Helliwag: From the Riverlands, Maester for House Royce, friendly, but cautious, overall smart.
  • Targon: From the North, for House Grafton, very political, old, slightly pervy. Known enemy of Meera, he warns her about the Poison of the Seven as she leaves Gulltown, and threatens to use her family heritage against her.
  • Tywina: A Lannister, serves House Waynwood. Quick friends with Meera, heard about her from her cousin. She spent much time during the Wedding of the Grafton getting to know Meera.
  • Patrick: From Stormlands, 30s, charming, also a Doctor specialist, talks to Meera often, from House Torrent. Helped Meera solve the mystery of Maester Till and is a mentor to her in healing, having talked about Greenscale once long ago.
  • Isley: From Vale, House Redfort, 40s, archives and language specialist, withdrawn.
  • Joffrey, for House Egan, healthy and wise, laughs much, knows much of history of the Way of the Seven.
  • Apple: Young 20ish woman, for House Templeton, loves maps and old battles. Strategy Expert.

And now, for the ones who have fallen…

  • Till: Of House Redwood, died 6 months ago, replaced by Haades. His body was burned to ashes in a town full of plague.
  • Johnson: From the Reach, was foremost expert in old ways, recently dead, for House Hunter.

And now, for important Maesters not in the Vale…

  • Grand-Maester Pycelle: The Maester at King’s Landing has a hands-off policy into how Maesters do their business, which is how it should be – the maesters at Oldtown are the ones who handle policy after all.
  • Arch-Maesters: They are part of the Conclave, the group that runs the Maesters at Oldtown, protected by House Hightower. An Arch-Maester is considered to be the very best in Westoros in their specialized area. An Arch-Measter is selected every year to pick a leader of the conclave. Current leader of Conclave is Ryam, known for being an expert in weather.
  • Maester Gerrick: A long-serving Maester of Oldstown, he was the mentor to Meera, and helped her get assigned to the Slagathors when Meera’s mother was sick. This may have been because Gerrick wishes no one to go thru the lost of family like he did – he was a Member of House Reyne, a deceased line.
  • Maester Tarwyn: a close friend of Meera assigned to a Lord in the Riverlands currently. Close while students at Oldtown, told Tywina all about Meera, indicating he is still fond of her.


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