Lord of Light

The Lord of Light, also know as R’hllor, the God of Flame and Shadow, is a prominent god in Essos, but has only a few followers in Westeros, where he is more commonly known as the red god. His symbol is a fiery heart.

The Targayens have never encouraged this religion, and followers of both the Old and New Gods ignore this faith, along with the many other Gods that live in various parts of Essos, such as the God of Death in Braavos.

Believers of the Lord Light believe that he is one of two gods. The other god is called the Great Other, the Lord of Shadow, and the God of Ice and Death. The two will forever fight in an eternal war until the Lightbringer, a flaming sword, is once more used by the great hero, called Azor Ahai or The Promised One.

Their religious figures are called Red Priests, though none live in Westoros. It is said that red priests can see visions by looking thru fire, that their last rite is a Kiss of Death and that there is no heaven or hell, because the world they live in is Hell, and only Azor Ahai can save them. Rumors say that human sacrifices are carried out, though this is unknown.

Lord of Light

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