List of NPCs in Game of Thrones

This is a list of all NPCs in all the pages.

The Raven Five

House Slagathor – Slagathors
Lord Arthur Slagathor: Widowed
Allison Slagathor (Grafton): Deceased
Marcus Felix Slagathor: 20, Heir, Unmarried
Ysabel Slagathor: Eldest Daughter
Leo Slagathor: 2nd Son, Engaged to Sonya Redwood
Clifford Slagathor: 16, 3rd son, Unmarried
Geena Slagathor: 14, Twins with Nina
Nina Slagathor, 14, Twins with Geena
Avlon Slagathor: 12, Master of Hunt
Rupert Slagathor: 11

House Slagathor – Stones
Rebekka Stone
Marla Stone: 9, Trusted Aide of Meera
Gareth Stone: 8, assoicate of Rupert
Corinne Stone: 8, appprentice of Rebekka
Lillison Stone, 4, Loves animals

House Slagathors – Everyone Else
Chadwick: 20s, Married, Head of Customs
Jayne of Essos: Personal Servant of Ysabel, Occasional PC
Raynar: Servant of , Occasional PC
Shandra: 15, Servant of Geena, Trusted Friend
Sam: 2nd in Command of Garrison, part of SWORD
Colombo: 20s, Clifford’s 2nd in Command
Dalton and Timothy: Hunters off the Slagathors
Havard Slagathor: 70s, Castellan, Retired
Rena Stone: 28, Master of Horse
Tarrus: Blacksmith Civilian
Desa Snow: 40s, Cook of the Family

House Redwood
Lord Aaron Redwood: 28, Lord, Engaged to Jessica Bloodhand
Sonya Redwood: 20, Widowed, Sister of Aaron, Engaged to Leo Bloodhand
Jack Redwood: 36, Disgraced former heir, Lord of Light follower
Nestor Nys: Advisor of Aaron
Nellen: Head Servant
Marlin: Leader of Garrison
Paxson the Brave: Late teens, 2nd in commmand to Marlin
Jason Avar: 40s, Loyal Military General
Quinton Smith: Traitor, Nearly Killed Meera, Killed by Marlin
Terra Stone: Bodyguard Captain, Friend of Rebekka
Barys Stillwater: Ex-Castellean, Proven Innocent
Pamela the Ex-Scribe: Former Mistress of Aaron

House Bloodhand
Lord Tolbert Bloodhand: 37
Lady Kyrilla Bloodhand (Royce): 33
Tristian Bloodhand: 20, Married, No Kids, Heir
Lady Telia Bloodhand (Melcolm): Married to Tristian
Pommel Bloodhand: 17, Unmarried
Jessica Bloodhand: 14, Engaged to Aaron Redwood
Idwell Stone: 24, Engaged to Rebekka Stone

House Highsun
Lord Rogar Highsun: 42, Lord of House
Lady Nysa Highsun: Lady
Danbert Highsun: 16, Unmarried
Erica Highsun, 15, Septa in Runestone
Farnsworth, 13, Unmarried
Gable Highsun, 12, Nephew, Recently Returned

House Crowmore
Lord Donnell Crowmore: late 40s, Married
Lady Blyna Crowmore, 40s, Commoner
Hilda the Maid: Trusted Associate of Blyna, 30s
Ser Justyn Winslow: Castellean
Ser Simon Stanton: Garrison Leader
Dead include: Marshall (Master of Hunt), Ser Gerald Barkley

The Great Houses

House Aaryn
Jon Aaryn: 60, Lord, Widowed Twice, No Children, Unmarried
Ser Elbert Aaryn: 28, Widowed
Alys Aarn: Only Living Sibling of Jon, Married to a Waynwood, multiple children

House Royce
Lord Yohn Royce: Lord, Married, 30s
Lady Jenna Royce (Tyrell): 30s
Kids: Andar (8), Robor (3), and Waymar (1)
Edwyn Royce: Cousin of Yohn, Beaucrat,
Master of Arms: Samwell Stone
Maester Helliwag: New, Not Trusted
Septa Lucos
Septa Alarys Coldwater: Meera’s Sister, works under Lucos

House Grafton
Lord Marq Grafton: 40s, Lord, Married
Lady Zera Grafton (Aaryn), 40s
Ser Viktor the Violent: Younger Brother of Marq, Unmarried
Ser Randall (the Unbrave): Younger Brother of Marq, Married, 2 kids
Gerold Grafton: Heir, 23, Wife, 3 kids
Vania Grafton: 20, Married to House Torrent, 1 child
Lillison Grafton: 18, Married to House Wydman, no children
Jeremy Grafton, 16: Married
Kinara Grafton: From Braavos, Married to Jeremy
Kale Grafton: 13, Unmarried
Allison Grafton: 11, Kid

House Waynwood
Lord Willim Waynwood: Lord of House
Lady Waynwood, 38, Married to Willim
Morton Waynwwood: Heir, 14, Umarried
Donnel (4), Wallace (2)
Maester Tywina
Kessen: Wily Jester from Ass-Hai
Elys Waynwood: Younger Brother of Willim, married to Alys Aaryn, sister of Jon
Ser Sebastian Danmore: Army General
Ser Elson Willows: Castelllan

House Lynderly
Jon Lynderly, 25, Lord of House
Lady Lynderly (Grafton): 16, 1 child Terrance
Ser Olac Lynderly, Master of Arms, Brother, Married to Commoner
Ser Bennington Lynderly, Brother, Married to Marylsa Melcolm
Maester Esteva: She is one of the leaders in the Vale for Maesters

House Waxley
Webster Waxley: Lord of the House, 44
Lady Waxley: 36, Wife of Webster, from Redfort family
Welbert Waxley: 23, heir
Kassandra Waxley (Breakstone): 16, 2 kids, married to Welbert
Wanda Waxley, 22, 4 kids, married to Ossifer Lips
Willard Waxley: 19, Widowed

House Corbray
Lance Corbray: Lord of House, 40s, Widowed
Ser Lyonel Corbray, early 20s, Widowed
Ser Lyn Corbray, 20s, Unmarried
Lucas Corbray” 17, Umarried

House Redfort
Horton Redfort, 40s, Lord of the House
Lady Pamela Redfort, 34, Married to Horton
Jaspar Redfort, 15, Heir, Umarried
Creighton Redfort (11), Jon (8)

Powerful Houses Outside the Vale

Sealord of Braavos
Sealord Belzo Fregar:Leader of Braavos
Kinara Fregar: 2nd daughter, 16, married to Jeremy Grafton
Esuna Fregar, 14, 3rd daughter, Unmarried

House Frey
Walder Frey: Lord of the Freys, THE Walder Frey, On 6th Wife
Stevron Frey: Heir, Married
Ryman Frey: Eldest Son of Stevron, 2nd in line, Married.
Doge Frey: 13th Son of Walder, Umarried
Leona Frey: 14th Daughter, Unmarried, Has Mask.

House Reed
Howard Reed: Lord of House, 31
Sharlene Reed: Wife of Howard
Athana Reed: Rumored Mistress of Howard, Sister of Sharlene
Howland Reed: 16, Heir, Unmarried.
Perry Reed: Replacement of Slagathors, Unable to raise Crocs, Married
Allundra Reed: Minor House Head, 17, Unmarried
Henry Reed: 47, Minor House Head, Trader

Houses of Similar Status

House Melcolm
Jacob Melcolm: Lord of House, 37.
Lady Denysa Melcolm (Belmore), 39, Married to Jacob
Telia Melcolm, Eldest Daughter, 20, Married to Tristian
Marlysa Melcolm, 18, Married to Bennington Lynderly
Katrina Melcolm, 16, Unmarried
Wayna Melcolm, 14, Unmarried
Lydia Melcolm, 12, Unmarried
Barys Melcolm, 4, Heir

House Egan
Vardis Egan: 40s, Lord of House, Captain of the Guard for Jon Aaryn, Widowed
Helen Egan: 18, Umarried
Gunter Egan: 16, Unmarried
Cassie Egan, 14, Unmarried
Barys (10), Allen (7), Melinda (6), Sarys (4), Aaron (3), Danys (2)

House Hunter
Lord Eon Hunter: 60s, Lord, Widowed
Gilwood Hunter, Heir, 30s, Married, 1 Child
Eustance Hunter: 2nd son, Married, 2 kids
Harlan Hunter, 3rd Son, 20s, Married
Teeora Hunter: 20s Eldest Daughter, Widowed
Jaynce Hunter: 14, Unmarried
Maester Johnson: Killed by Scarlet Shepards according to Bloodhands

House Moore
Martyn Moore: Lord, Married, 50s
Lady Moore (Aaryn): Distant cousin
Kevyn Moore: 20s, Married, 2 kids
Mandon Moore: 20, Unmarried
Melva Moore: 18, Married, 1 Child
Kataryna Moore: 16, Unmarried

House Templeton
Symond Templeton: 40s Lord, Married
Myranda Templeton: 17 Eldest Daughter, Unmarried
Sean Templeton: 15, Unmarried
Nestor Templeton: 13, Unmairred
Maester Apple: Expert of geography, maps

House Shett
Lord Darrio Shett: Dead Lord of the Shetts
Thompson Shett: Missing Heir
Pyla Sheet: Eldest Sister, Missing

House Upcliff
Lady Morgan Upcliff, Lady of the House, Late 30s
Warson Upcliff, 18, Unmarried
Relm Upcliff, 16, Unmarried, Heir
Magus Upcliff, 14, Geddard Upcliff 12 (Unmarried)

House Coldwater
Paarth Coldwater: Middle Aged, Uncle of Meera, Married
Ayla Coldwater (Royce): Wife of Paarth, 40s
Griffin Coldwater: 24, Married, 3 kids, Heir
Seya Coldwater: 22, Eldest Daughter, Umarried
Peter Coldwater: 19, Unmarried
Zazo Coldwater: 16, Married, 2 kids
Yohn Coldwater: 12
Samuel Coldwater: Brother of Paarth, Father of Meera, Deceased by Greenscale

Minor Houses (Lesser than Slagathors)

House Pricket
Grenne Pricket: Lord of House, Only Living Member
Justyn Lychester: Ward of Grenne

House Tenley
Wheaton Tenley: Lord, 50s
Hya Tenley, 50s, Married to Wheaton
Totten Tenley: Only Child, Heir, Widowed, Children include Alexandrya, Rosslyn, Cardaza, Howard and Metra

House Starskin
Denys Starskin, Lord, 40s
Lady Karla Starskin: 40s
Gene Starskin, 27, Married
Jim Starskin, 22, Married
Aysha Starskin, 20s, Married
Erica Starskin, 18, Married

House Brookley
Lord Melvyn Brookely, 80s
Lady Melya, 70s
Rendard: 60s, Heir, Multiple Kids, most dead, Married

House Grafton and associates

House Zant
Zachery Zant: 50s
Zena Zant: 16, Unmarried, Only Child

House Fulton
Robert Fulton, 38, Lord
Lady Fulton: 35
Marcus Fulton, 23, Unmarried, 2 kids
Ryna Fulton, 20, Widowed
Bart Fulton: 16 Unmarried

The Hathaways
Maywell Hathaway: 24, Lady of the Family, Unmarried
Atticus Hathaway, 15, Unmarried

Potential or Current Enemies of the Slagathors

The First Shadows
Valamir: Brother of Brennos, Leader
Lucas: Heir, Son of Valamir
Lady Elaine: Kidnapped from Society, Wife of Valamir

Pirate King Gabool
Pirate King Gabool: Leader
Xanduul: Attacked the Teeth, Executed
Glen: 2nd in Command

Scarlet Shepards
Haades: Working against the Redwoods, Killed
Jack Redwood: 36, Former Heir of Redwoods

Griffon: Leader of the Bonebreakers
Wolf: Fought against Slagathors in Crowmore Battle, Heir
Pig: Friend of Wolf
Lizard: Friend of Wolf
Andrew the Hedgeknight: Friend of Wolf

Elviento Family
Queen Umi: Leader of the Family
Mamoul: Heir
Elsa: 2nd daughter
Sayid: 3rd daughter

List of NPCs in Game of Thrones

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