Important House

This is a list of important Houses in our game that are currently not an enemy nor an ally. Click ahead if you want!

House Arryn, leader of the Vale.

House Coldwater, where Meera’s father was from. Pledged to the Royces.

House Frey, constant pain to the Slagathors.

House Reed, the originator of the Slagathors, rivals of the Freys.

House Melcolm, a knightly family who may be more involved with the Slagathors soon.

House Waynwood, ruler of Ironoaks.

House Lynderly, ruler of Snakewood.

House Waxley, ruler of Wickendon, 2nd largest city of the Vale.

Braavos, a powerful city-state of Essos.

House Redfort one of the most powerful, influential houses in the Vale.

House Corbray an ancient house that used to be much stronger.

Important House

House Slagathor - Song of Ice and Fire littleconqueror