House Slagathor Family Stats

As stated in the Manage Your House section, each month in the game gives you a chance to increase your House abilities. In addition, after each Episode, if you did well, you can earn Glory, which can be used to increase your House Stats

The below are your current House Stats and what they’ve been used for, as of Episode 7:

  • Defense: 52. 50 Used for your castle, Teeth.
  • Influence: 34. 20 Used at beginning of game to play Ysabel/Leo.
  • Land: 18. 15 used for a Hamlet, Coast, Grassland, and a Small River.
  • Law: 24. Impacts Fortune Rolls. None available to use.
  • Population 15: Impact Fortune Rolls. None available to use.
  • Power: 30. All used for Garrison, Archers, Warships.
  • Wealth: 30. All used for Maester Meera, Port, and Marketplace.

And below are your available points

  • Defense: 2
  • Influence: 14
  • Land: 3
  • Power: 0
  • Wealth: 0
  • Glory: 3

Law/Population Not/Applicable. Glory must be assigned prior to the beginning of the next episode.

Here are some things you can use your points on:

  • Defense: An additional Tower costs 10 points, a Hall costs 20.
  • Influence: For every 5 points used, you can add 1D6 to your House Fortune. For every 2 points used in Intrigue Combat, add +1B.
  • Land: Increase your Hamlet to a Small Town for 10 points. Add an Island for 10 points. Add Roads for 5 points. Add an Additional River or Light Woods or more Coast for 3 points.
  • Law: Increasing Law to 30 (9 points currently) will change House Fortune Modifier from -2 to -1.
  • Population: Increasing Population to 20 (5 points away currently) will change House Fortune Modifier from +0 to +1.
  • Power: 20 Needed for a Banner House. You also use this to buy military units. Please message the GM for specific rates, as it is different depending on experience wanted and type of unit. Note that for the Slagathors, a Banner House would likely be of a Slagathor son (i.e. Leo or Clifford)
  • Wealth: Sept requires 15 points (3 Fortune, Acquire Septa). Mine needs 10 points (5 Fortune Rolls). Artisan requires 10 points (+1Fortune, +1 Defense, can make fancy stuff). Used for Dowries to marry into families of greater status.

House Slagathor Family Stats

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