This page will detail the various aspects of Geography related to the game.

Black Hills, the hills west of the Slagathor domain, surround House Highsun.

Maira River, which goes from the Black Hills to the Port Felix.

Port Felix the main trading hub of the Slagathors.

Shadowcat Gate which protects House Highsun and where the Battle of Shadowcat Gate took place against Brennos.

Bridge of Seasons, connecting the lands of House Crowmore and the Slagathors.

Ironoaks is the main forest south of the Slagathors, ran by House Waynwood and supplier of the lumber for the Slagathor Navy.

Snakewood, the largest forest, north of Slagathor, main family is House Lynderly, allies of House Grafton.

Cities of the Vale include Gulltown, Wickendon, and the Eyrie.


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