Events of the Game

This Wiki page will detail the major events of the game on a monthly basis.

Year 280 After Conquest (AC) of the Targayens

Season: Autumn

Second Month (Month of the Crone)

  • [[SESSION 1 (8/1/15) | SESSION 1 (8/1/15)]]
  • Clifford returns from hunting Mountain-men.
  • House Grafton invites House Slagathor to a wedding for Jeremy Grafton.
  • Varys becomes Master of Spies.

Third Month (Month of the Dragon)

Fourth Month – Month of the Father

  • Episode 2. Winter begins.
  • Return to the Teeth, sent the invitations for the meeting of the Raven Five.
  • Episode 3 – the trading mission to the Crowmores, attack by the Bonebreakers.

Fifth Month – Month of the Mother

  • Episode 4 – Visit to House Waynwood, Waynwoods agree to visit after Winter
  • Visit to House Redwood. Investigation into the traitor.

Sixth Month – Month of the Warrior

Seventh Month – Month of the King

  • Episode 5 (20) – Pirate Incident/Attack.
  • Episdoe 6 (The Raven Five) – Meeting of the Raven Five. House Slagathor is established as Leader of the Raven Five unanimously, championed by House Bloodhand.

Events of the Game

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