Economic Influence

As a result of the Raven Five Meeting, you can now use your House Stats to help other Houses acquire their targeted acquisitions. Doing so will more than likely improve relations with that House.

In addition, working with a house may lead to them helping you acquire one of your goals.

If you want, for any house outside the Raven Five, you can send a Raven to ask how what they would like.

  • House Bloodhand: Not currently seeking anything. However, can help Bloohands build military forces by spending points of Power and/or Wealth.
  • House Crowmore: Seek to acquire an improved refinery. Can give 5 points of Influence and/or Wealth to improve. House Bloodhand is also supporting this effort. House Slagathor has already agreed that 2 points of Wealth or Influence will create a road to the East-West Highway.
  • House Highsun: Seek to acquire a Sept to increase cohesiveness for the House….and to return their daughter Erica home. Can give 5 points of Wealth and/or Influence to improve.
  • House Redwood: Seek to Acquire a Maester specializing in the Old Gods. Can give 5 points of Wealth and/or Influence to improve.
  • House Slagathor has requested aid in building a Sept as well. Other Houses may donate up to half of its value (5 points)

To see what House Stats you have available, click House Slagathor Family StatsYou can always use Glory as well. Also remember that Wealth may be needed to marry into greater families (Dowry).

Economic Influence

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