Character Status

It’s Spring, when complicated plots and daring deeds become commonplace. As a result, you may not remember where everyone is. To help with this, this page will list of your important characters of House Slagathor (and some others) and what they are currently doing. After that, a list of potential plots they could be involved with will be listed for your review.

  • Arthur Slagathor: Informed of the messages sent from Runestone, Arthur has begun corresponding with various local lords about the coalition.
  • Marcus Felix: Located at Gulltown, he is attempting to establish a good relationship with the Graftons.
  • Ysabel: Currently at the Eyrie, attempting to arrange a meeting with Jon Arryn.
  • Leo: Currently at the Eyrie, attempting to arrange a meeting with Jon Arryn.
  • Maester Meera: Currently at the Eyrie, attempting to arrange a meeting with Jon Arryn.
  • Rebekka Stone: Currently at the Eyrie, attempting to arrange a meeting with Jon Arryn.
  • Clifford: Visiting House Redwood to begin preparations for the attack on the First Shadows.
  • Geena: Located at Gulltown, trying to get into the good social graces of the nobles of the city, and learn more about the Shetts.
  • Nina: Converting Mountainmen, staying at the Teeth.
  • Avlon: Nothing assigned.
  • Rupert: Nothing assigned.
  • Jayne of Essos: Running development of the Market at the Teeth.
  • Raynar of the Mountains: Serving Avlon, secretly training shadowcat.
  • Chadwick of the Port: Currently on a trading mission to House Upcliff, trying to learn more about the sails used to transport Lord of Light Followers.
  • Sam of the Garrison: Training in SWORD. Currently in charge of Garrison.

Potential Ideas for Characters:

• Travel to Runestone to visit Lord Royce of the Raven Five Plan and tell Yohn Royce about the plan/repercussion. Then take the East-West Highway to the Eyrie to have a discussion with Lord Arryn.
• Evaluate smaller houses around the Vale, and consider recruiting them into an anti-pirate coalition. (Houses Coldwater, Melcolm, Upcliff are some potential choices, along with Houses of the Fingers and of the Sisters (Sunderland))
• Make preparations for the attack on the First Shadows (Could visit House Highsun/Bloodhand and march with them)
• Work with House Redwood to talk with House Waxley about fighting pirates; visit Wickendon
• House Waynwood has stated they would like to visit, potentially arrange a marriage, perhaps deal with them first
• Marcus Felix desires to visit Bravvos, learn more information about what is going
• Continue the investigation into the Lord of Light
• Try to figure out what House Grafton is up to/what happened to Daario Shett (visit Gulltown once more?)
• Determine how to end the curse of the Redwoods
• A potential pre-emptive attack on the pirates, either in Westoros or Essos (make an alliance with another pirate queen/king?)
• Try to arrange political marriages for Slagathors, including Arthur

Character Status

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