Black Squirrel Inn

The Black Squirrel Inn was founded three hundred years ago by a bastard of House Slagathor. Since that time it has never closed, being popular with the local populace. It has a wide variety of beers, solid goatburgers, and omelettes (both goat filled and vegetarian!).

No one knows where the Inn acquired its name, as there are no black squirrels in the Vale. Nor does the Inn sell squirrels, also called chicken of the grasslands, mainly because chickens are a lot easier to raise, despite what chicken of the caves salesmen will tell you. Also, never trust a chicken of the caves salesmen. They’re weirdos with odd hats and have no common sense.

The Black Squirrel Inn is currently managed by Poppin Agan, a short little man with a wide smile and an eager appetite. His first wife perished in childbirth four years ago, but he ably manages his three sons and two daughters, all under the age of ten, with the help of his second wife Rosie.

The building itself is two floors, one for eating and one for resting and is made of wood. There are only a few rooms available, and most of them are a bit daft. There is a stables available along with a horse-washing service. The most valuable item in the Inn is a crossbow said to be used to kill a boar presented to an Arryn over a hundred years ago, supposedly by firing multiple shots at once. But honestly, a crossbow that fires more than one shot at a time? That’s just magical bullshit.


Black Squirrel Inn

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