Battle of Narrow Sea

The Slagathors have fought numerous battles with pirates in the Narrow Sea, but only one deserves to be called THE battle of Narrow Sea; The Rescue of the Royce Princess.

Connor’s ships were faster than the Pirate Princess Ceciya’s ships, but Connor was outnumbered in terms of number of ships and men. At first, Connor tried to get the enemy to deplete their supply of arrows by being just barely out of range – but the Princess and her men would not waste them.

Connor then attempted get the Princess’s fleet divided into two by having his fleet split – but the Princess was aware that he was faster, and would be able to converge his fleet easier, so did not bite. In the late afternoon, Connor ordered his ships to charge the enemy, and try to sink as many ships as possible by ramming. This resulted in many causalities on both sides but Princess Rebekka was still kidnapped.

Both sides suffered multiple sunk ships, but Connor’s men had captured one of the enemy ships – which was supplied with stolen Wildfire. Connor waited till night, then had some brave men volunteer for Fire Duty. Connor had his ships withdraw, but left the captured ship, seemingly just taking some prisoners as a type of petty revenge.

As Connor ships were in the distance, Ceciya had a few ships approach the previously captured ship; when enough ships were nearby, the Fire Duty men sacrificed themselves by blowing up the ship – and the flames from the explosion sunk many other ships. The resulting chaos may many survivors run away in their boats, leaving the Pirate Princess weakened. It was at that time that Connor charged his fleet, boarding Ceciya’s ship and personally, so legend says, slaying the pirate princess herself and rescuing the Royce princess.

Battle of Narrow Sea

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