The Elviento Family

The Elviento Family has been pirates since the Valryian Doom occurred 400 years ago, allowing the family no longer just be slaves. Typically based around Lys, the Elviento are typically tanned, stocky and muscled, noted for their crimson colored hair. The Elviento are unique in that they only allow women to lead the group.

The Elviento used to focus on looting foolish northern Essos traders without escorts, until Ceciya became of age, and wanted to do something bigger. She had her chance when she kidnapped Rekekka Royce, but was then killed at the Battle of Narrow Sea during the The Rescue of the Royce Princess.

Since then, the Elviento has launched the occasional raid onto Westoros, relying on hit and run techniques. Fifty Years ago, they sunk the Slagathor flagship “The Gallant” killing a half-dozen members of the Slagathors. But this is not revenge enough for the Elviento.

The Elviento last launched a major attack on Westoros 12 years ago, when they tried to launch a night attack on Gulltown – this surprise attacked was betrayed by one of their own though, and Slagathors, Melcolms, Bloodhands and Graftons all teamed up to destroy half of the Elviento fleet. They have been building up their strength since, though they have launched minor attacks on Westoros. There was a sighting of them 2 years ago but that led to no casualties.

They are led by the fiery Pirate Queen Umil, but it is said she allows her three daughters to conduct most of their raids: Mamoul, Elisa, and Sayid.

Recently, an agent of theirs, Nys-Sandra, came to the Teeth on a small boat called the Ms. Jasmine. Nys-Sandra informed the House about their rivalary with their mutual enemy Gaboul, and offered to a type of alliance. She explains that Gabool’s wife died of grief when their son was killed by Lord Arthur. The El Viento queen offered to marry Gabool, but he rudely slapped her in the face. Now the El Viento family has an eternal grudge against Gabool. Leo agreed on a blood deal (which means nothing in Westoros) that the two would not attack.

Warren of the Pale Winds is an Iron Islander captain who will come next time, as it is easier for a Westoorsi to blend in.

The Elviento Family

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