Teeth Mountainmen

During the great holiday of Sevenmas [[SESSION 14 (11/13/16) | SESSION 14 (11/13/16)]], the team discovered in a cave a group of 50 or so Mountainmen. These people, mostly women, children and old people, had exiled themselves away, for the First Shadows have sworn themselves to the Lord of Light. These people were dedicated to their old pagan gods.

Leo made them swear an oath: they would change their ways to the Seven, or be executed as vile Mountainmen. During [[SESSION 17 (4/8/17) | SESSION 17 (4/8/17)]], several individuals who never converted were executed by Leo, who had Rupert accompanied him. Avlon protested and ran away, angry at his brother.

Important Members of the Teeth Mountainmen include:

  • Narsa: The Leader of the group, this older woman of grey hair maintains her firm health despite her age. She has done what she can to keep the peace.
  • Quelltor: The highest ranking Warrior, Quelltor is often a sullen, angry man, kept in check by Narsa.
  • Dayla: Narsa’s grand-daughter, this wild beauty seems to want maintain some of the old ways. Her suggestions have been rejected so far by the Slagathors.

Teeth Mountainmen

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