Ysabel Slagathor

Eldest Daughter, Cunning, Beautiful and Wealthy.


Ysabel Slagathor is one of the beautiful women in the Teeth, having inherited her mother’s (Allison Slagathor) beauty – perhaps rivaled only by Geena Slagathor. She has a great sense of fashion and appreciates a fine sash.


Ysabel is the oldest daughter, but the third child of the Slagathor family. Ysabel often feels that she is not as appreciated as others in the family, specifically, her younger brother Leo Slagathor and the eldest Bastard. From a young age, she showed talent with finances, and convinced her father to take control of the business of Port Felix at a young age. She has served quite well, and even earns a respectable stipend for fees she has implemented since taking control of management.

She has even used her wealth to improve the relations of other Houses, such as House Crowmore and earned the trust of many merchants of the Narrow Sea.

Ysabel is constantly trying to encourage Leo to take advantage of his talents – this is an arduous journey for the woman. She respects the sneaky talents of Rebekka Stone but does not care for her personally, partially because of her bastard status. She has respect for Maester Meera.

Ysabel is in charge of a trading mission to house Crowmore, trying to build a road to go to the East-West Highway. She is delicate and praising to the Crowmores, though when she notices their fighting, tries to help them look at each positively. She is shocked at the Crowmores offer, and declines, though is invited to the hunt in two days. Staying in her room to avoid the Crowmores, she learns from Jayne about Hilda’s the maid’s offer, and helps her steal the information after the bribe is not enough. Learning about the evidence, she seduces Marshall, Master of Hunt, and now plans to find out more information.

Learning of a plot to kill Blyna, she and Jayne are able to get Blyna sick. During the hunt, she defended herself with a bow during the attack by the Bonebreakers, needing assistance from Clifford. She rescued Lord Crowmore, saving his life. The two had a tense talk, where they agreed to not change their relationship – still, the trade deal did not go through.

Ysabel Slagathor

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