Rupert Slagathor

5th, Youngest Son of Arthur, Spoiled and Smart


Youngest Rupert is a delight to everyone – if he’s not in a rotten mood from not getting his way. Arthur tends to allow Rupert to have his way one too many times, so Rupert can come off as entitled, with his foppish hair style, wearing only the cleanest of clothes and jewelry, and his tendency to order the servants around a bit too harshly at times. Still, Rupert is a real charmer, smiling often, and warm and loyal to his friends; most of his siblings are friendly towards him, even Avlon, and he gets along with all but one of the bastards. He has a good sense of logic to him, and is very smart for his age – some say he could be a maester. But he has no interest in that path, despite his aversion to being any good with a blade or bow, and is enjoying the good life.


Rupert got into trouble with Maester Meera for skipping classes, but showed his intellect in asking pointed questions about the Defiance of Duskendale. He enjoyed the others being away from the Teeth, as it meant that he had no classes and could essentially do whatever he wanted, like reading Marcus Felix’s books without his permission or getting double desserts. Rupert has only continued this pattern when the others left, and is still getting into trouble.

Rupert was once more left behind during the Redwood Investigation. As the party came back, Rupert asked pointed questions about how Ysabel manage operations – before getting distracted when he realized he could learn how to make desserts with Jayne of Essos. He’s made chocolate cupcakes and other desserts, and made them for Rupert, Raynar and others, but not for Meera. He lost a silver stag in a bet to Corrianne, and in return she lied when she said to Meera that he could write Valryian. He stayed out of the way during the Pirate attack, and seem unconcerned with the chaos. If asked, he would say “They were pirates, and we took care of them. What more is there?”

Rupert Slagathor

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