Former Mountain Man, Current Servant of Avlon

A lean, muscled young man with curly black hair and a rugged face, he has had his share of injuries in his life. He keeps his hair straight now that he lives in a castle, and has been introduced to the concept of washing, which he does not care for. His ragged clothes and furs have been replaced with traditional wool clothes, though he wears a fur over it anyways, despite the weight and clash of colors.

Raynar was a member of the Bonebreakers for the first 14 or so years of his life. Raynar was captured by Avlon during the visit to the Crowmores, while his Shadowcat was killed by Avlon. Raynar at that time insulted Clifford Slagathor as “that guy who got his men trapped” and insulted Avlon Slagathoras “inferior”. Despite this, he was promised his freedom for information, information that he gave which informed the two of them with what the Bonebreakers were doing in the area. After being held captive for a few days, he was let go by Avlon, as promised. Raynar, declaring that the Bonebreakers would kill him if he returned now, instead asked to go with Avlon, and to serve him instead. Avlon accepted.

Raynar has served as a servant to Avlon for a couple of months now. Avlon and Clifford often use him as an errant boy, not treating him like a regular servant. They seem to trust him implicitly, which worries Leo Slagathor. Leo has since ordered a close eye be kept on him.

Raynar proved himself during the Pirate Assassination Attempt, when he willingly pushed Nina out of the way and received a dagger wound. In return, he used the dagger to stab the assassin Ratifi thru the neck, killing him and earning the loyalty of Leo. He is not looking forward to being part of Maester Meera’s classes though.


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