Pirate King Gabool

The Pirate King, Long-Term Rival of Arthur


He’s not been seen personally since the major raid five years ago, but he was still imposing. Now bald, tall, it’s clear his men still respected him. The tattoos of runes on his flesh have somehow grown brighter over the years. From Essos.


Pirate King Gabool is one of many to claim to be THE Pirate King. But Gabool has been haunting the coast of the Erie for over four decades now, picking apart any town not prepared. From the Tyrosh area, Gabool hates the House Slagathor, for it was they who killed his heir twenty years, something not forgotten.

In fact, twenty years of the day of the murder of his son, he sent a group of disgraced pirates to attack and eliminate Marcus Felix. While these men failed, Gabool’s presence has been announced. In addition, it was revealed by these pirates that he has increased his pirate fleet by making additional dealings with Bravvos. He has a fleet of hundreds of ships, so it is claimed, compared with the twelve of the Slagathors. He forced Mars and the other fisherman to take the pirates, or he would burn their villages to the ground.

Gabool is a worthy foe, one to watch out for…and he is simply biding his time, till Winter ends.

Pirate King Gabool

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