Nina Slagathor

2nd Daughter of Arthur, the Painter of the Seven


Nina is quite devout towards the Seven, and unlike Clifford, she is an artist; she has drawn numerous paintings of the Seven for the Septs and other minor houses are now beginning to commission her work. At times submissive and meek, Nina wears simple robes most of the time and does not bother to braid her hair. She is known for her generosity and kind smile, and often helps raise the various bastards. However, when asked, she states she has no interest in becoming a septa. At social gatherings she is awkward with the other lordling lads, and often is seen just consorting with the various servant women. She does love traveling, though, and is often the first to be on a horse or a boat, and has stated she would love to visit King’s Landing.


She was selected by her father to be one of the Slagathors to go to the Wedding of the Grafton, which made her sister Geena quite jealous. It was Maester Meera’s idea to have her paint a Wedding painting for the Graftons, an idea that Nina pursued well – she even went to Lyna the Swift’s wedding to get some practice.

During the trip to Gulltown, she was on the same ship as Marcus Felix and Clifford. She had an unusual experience during the trip – she said she had some type of freak vision that made her panic when their ship saw a merchant ship on the horizon. The team decided to ignore this ship on her advice, and afterwards the team saw her sweating – and Leo saw her paint a picture of their ship burning. The team decided to let Nina not stress too much over this, due to the painting for the Graftons.

During the Wedding, Nina was mostly quiet and kept in the background. She had a conversation with Ysabel, and was happy to hear her sister express interest in the Seven and in being a good older sister. She liked watching the tournaments and on the 2nd day of events spent most of the evening with Morton of House Waynwood.

She is being observed by Alarys Coldwater for any understanding of her vision – but her beauty and skill with art may make married before the Slagathors can truly understand what is going on.

On the day of the wedding, her reputation grew greatly, as the painting she did of the wedding was considered to be of great taste, her colors most vibrant, her theme compelling – plus she made Jeremy and Kinara quite good looking. Business may boom for her in the future…as there have been a lot of requests; Ysabel has become her agent. She has spent much time with Alarys Coldwater lately, but is still learning to recover from the Wedding.

When the team came back from the Redwoods, Nina reacted strongly to Jones and freaked out, running to the semi-septa that Alarys had made. Through prayer, she was able to recover eventually. Geena later revealed that Nina had confided that she had the urge to paint, but the prayer made her not to do so, and that she was afraid of doing so. When Leo and Rebekka checked on her afterwards, she made it clear that the Lord of Light and Jones were things that she did not wish to deal with. She also made it plain that she did not trust her bastard sister.

When the pirates “crashed” to the Teeth, Ysabel had Avlon keep her away from them, concerned that she might have another reaction. And yet, somehow, the assassin Ratifi was able to find and hunt her down, and if not for Raynar’s bravery, she may have died. She angrily told Ysabel not to hide her again and, due to Geena, has told Arthur of her frustration at this. In other news, she has been encouraged lately to teach the other Slagathors of the Way of the Seven, in particular Leo and Marcus Felix, though Clifford need not any lesson.

Nina Slagathor

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