Marla Stone

Bastard Daughter of Arthur, Self-Assured Sister


Marla looks after the other bastards as a sort of older sister figure. Good with a spear, Marla often practices with some of the guards when she’s not overseeing her “brother and sisters” and likes to go fishing. A blond-haired girl with short hair, her mother prepared dishes as an assistant to the Head Chef; her Octopus Fish-Stew specialty impressed Lord Slagathor greatly. Marla’s mother died during a pirate raid five years ago, when she was unwisely down at the port. Marla acts older than her age, but she likes to brag about what she’s done and is quite self-assured. However, while she has no qualms preparing/skinning fish, she hates cooking.


Marla helped skin the deer that Avlon hunted, being impressed with his skills at his age. She took over the role of teacher for the kids, though how much they learned is another question. She ratted out Rupert not attending classes and, with Lillison, hangs out with Meera often.

Marla missed Meera the most during her Redwood investigation. She did some teaching, did some fishing, and did some training with her spear. She asked Meera that now she was 10 she was almost an adult and needed to figure out what she wanted to be. She asked if she could be a fighting Maester, but after hearing the answer, told Meera she was conflicted. Meera encouraged Marla to talk to her father Arthur, whom Marla admitted she was scared of.

Marla Stone

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