Marcus Felix Slagathor

Heir to House Slagathor


Marcus Felix is a rather competent heir; a clever naval captain, he is trained in both the ways of warfare and peace. He is a solid jouster, having once won a tournament by besting a member of House Royce. He is often trying to prove himself to Father, though, and has expressed a fervent desire to go after the pirates, so that, like his father, he too can earn himself a name. However, he can be naive; he often avoids committing himself socially (e.g. to a spouse or house alliances); and will take some time to make tactical decisions (though he is very quick and clever once he’s actually in combat).

Still, being a charismatic, competent man, fairly trusting and level-headed in combat, has its perks: like his father, he can be a bit of a player.

It is a tradition that the heir of House Slagathor is the only person with a middle name: that of Felix, the founder of House Slagathor.


Marcus Felix worked with Leo and Clifford to prepare for the tournament, while working with Ysabel to help the finances of the Teeth, when he’s not reading books of poetry or seducing young maids, as Rebekka can attest to.

Marcus led the Slagathor family to the Wedding of the Grafton, and Arthur informed him that he was to find a wife for himself, and encourage the other siblings to do the same. Arthur took command of one of the ships, and was convinced by the Nina to allow the Lys ship to pass them without contacting them. Landing in Gulltown, he took the team to the Crone Scone’s, where they met with House Frey and House Bloodhand.

Marcus did not participate in any of the tournaments. In the first day, wearing Grafton colors, he spend much time trying to get to know the leaders of the next generation, such as Elbert Arryn, Robert Bartheon and Eddard Stark, while appreciating the beauty of the….beauties. On the second day, he talked with Marq Grafton about House Bloodhand’s bastard Idwell, grew angry about Leo’s imprisonment, and became enchanted with Jeremy Grafton’s wife Kinara. In talking with Kinara, he learned that she had an unmarried younger sister still in Bravvos, by the name of Selina; he told Maester Meera that he might propose going to Bravvos. He won, with the support of his family, the respect of House Bloodhand by saving Idwell’s life.

Marcus Felix helped the family prepare for the winter, and is attempting to convince his father to allow him to go to Bravvos to find a wife, an idea Arthur seems to be opposed to. Marcus Felix, along with Ysabel ran operations for the three months after winter has come. While food convoys have been pillaged, the recent stories against the mountain-men and the starting to trade relations with House Upcliff made it a good run. To prepare for his visit to Bravvos, he is writing a book of love poems and sonnets.

When the pirates attacked, Marcus Felix served in an important support role – securing the port when the pirates landed, helping killed the assassin Linfei, protecting the Grand Hall during the hunt for Ratifi, and keeping everyone calm. He calmly ordered the other Slagathors as necessary, but realize that a Slagator with the freedom to act is the best type of Slagathor.

He is currently relaxing at the Teeth – these last five episodes have been pretty good!

Marcus Felix Slagathor

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