Maester Meera

Maester for the Teeth, caring but pragmatic


Appearance: black hair in a bun, maester robes and chain, average height and weight, keeps in good shape because of running after so many kids, not very strong but pretty quick and handy

Skills: can use a bow, but really not built for combat. better with healing, social situations, ravens.


Maester Meera was born Meera Coldwater, daughter of Heather and Samuel Coldwater. Her mother is Lord Arthur Slagathor’s only sister, making Maester Meera the lord’s niece. Samuel passed away from illness when Meera was four years old. Upon Samuel’s death, Lord Arthur invited his sister to move back to the Teeth with her three children (Gabriel, 5; Meera, 4; Alarys, 2). Maester Meera is in her early 30s when the game begins.

Though she grieved for her father, watching the family maester’s efforts to save him inspired young Meera to become a healer herself one day. She left for maester training as soon as she was old enough. In Oldtown, Meera was friendly and devoted to helping others, and she quickly made many friends. Her best friend to this day is Maester Tarwyn of House Lannister of Lannisport (a minor Lannister branch family), with whom she keeps in frequent contact via ravens. They have been very good friends for a long time, though nothing romantic, because maesters must swear off such things. Meera’s mentor in Oldtown was Maester Gerrick of House Reyne, who is the last of his family line; maesters are supposed to be beyond family politics, especially those who live in Oldtown.

Maester Meera is loyal to a fault to her family. Maesters drop all family names and ties when they forge their chains and are typically sent to serve families to which they have no relation. However, when Meera’s training in Oldtown was coming to an end, she got word that her mother was deathly ill. Knowing that no maester was better suited to the healing arts, Maester Gerrick pulled some strings and managed to get Maester Meera assigned to the Teeth, her own family’s home. This suited Lord Arthur fine, as the Teeth had often been without their own maester, having to send for one from other castles when the situation demanded it. Maester Meera was able to nurse her mother back to health and has stayed at the Teeth ever since. Heather and Maester Meera are very close, and Heather, who is in her early 50s when the campaign begins, assumes many of the duties a “lady of the house” would typically perform.

When Maester Meera first arrived at the Teeth, in her early 20s and newly chained, she expected health care and the education of Lord Arthur and Lady Allison’s many children to be her primary concern. However, the incident that resulted in Lady Allison’s death occurred shortly after her arrival, throwing everything into chaos. Though Lord Arthur wished to protect Maddy, Maester Meera advised him that there was no way to make Lady Allison’s death look natural – the Graftons would send a maester of their own to investigate, and it would be plain to them that it was murder. Someone had to be punished for the murder, whatever the motivations behind it, and the best candidate was Maddy, the actual culprit and a handmaid who did not belong to the family. Maddy’s death would mean saving face for the Slagathors and hopefully salvaging the family’s relationship with the Graftons, who Lord Arthur had been working hard to improve relations with for many years. In the end, Lord Arthur agreed that this was wise and even went a step further when he decided to blame all of the other murders on Maddy as well, keeping Lady Allison’s name clean.

Because of the advice Maester Meera gave him, Lord Arthur trusts her and expects her to make the most pragmatic choices to protect the family. He doesn’t necessarily like it or what he had to do to Maddy, but he respects Maester Meera’s ability to make the hard choices. Dealing with the crisis with Maddy and Lady Allison was Maester Meera’s first big incident as a castle maester and helped shape who she was to become. She aims to protect the family at all costs, probably showing more devotion than a typical maester should. She obeys the rest of her vows, including chastity and healing everyone she can. Since her arrival and Lady Allison’s untimely death, Maester Meera has been like a mother to Lord Arthur’s many children, loving bastards and nobles just the same. Most of her time is spent overseeing the care and education of Lord Arthur’s brood of 14. While at the castle, she is often followed by the youngest bastard, 4-year-old Little Lilly.

Maester Meera’s big brother, Gabriel, was just old enough when their father Samuel died to understand that life would have been better if Samuel had lived. He grew up to be a rather bitter and angry person, very aware and resentful of the fact that he and his family would always be “lesser” while they lived under Lord Arthur’s roof. Compared to the members of the main family, his family’s lives would never really matter and his voice would never be heard. In an effort to counteract this, he now captains one of the Slagathor ships, where at least his men have to listen to him. He gets along well with Maester Meera since she saved their mother’s life, and he enjoys advising her on military matters because he knows she has Lord Arthur’s ear (and thus Gabriel does as well). Though he can be gruff and has a temper, he is well-liked and respected by his men, especially those who appreciate his direct connection to the maester and the lord. Though he is now 32, he is unmarried due to his poor social status, which does nothing to alleviate his bitterness. He’s had women in a few ports here and there, but if he has a bastard or two already, he hasn’t informed his sisters.

As for Maester Meera’s little sister, Alarys, who is now 29, she took the religious route after their father’s death. She talked her mother into sending her to a Motherhouse in Runestone shortly after Meera left for maester training, where she is now a septa. Alarys likes to poke fun at Maester Meera by asking when Lord Arthur is finally going to build a sept so she can transfer, but Maester Meera always tells her that there aren’t any funds for it. The family doesn’t get to see her often, but Lord Arthur always pays for her to come for events like funerals or weddings where a septa is required.

On the Redwood trip, Maester Meera has aided in ensuring Geena did not get sick, and helped begin the investigation of Cartar’s death. After dinner, she tried to meet with the head servant Nellon, after Arthur suggested that she may be to blame for this. Nellon told her about how she allowed Jack Redwood into the castle via the formerly secret path in the crpyts, and begs that she not be found – something that Meera agrees to. The next day, Meera investigated the former Castellean, convinced Aaron Redwood not to execute said Castellean, and then inerviewed Marlin and Paxson of the Garrison. Meera continued her investigation, and after evaluating the writing samples from a initially not trusting Pamela the Scribe, determined, along with other reasons that Quinton Smith was the traitor. She convinced Arthur of this, but he wanted to wait till it was the middle of the evening.

This was too late though. Tricked by men of Quinton smith, she rushed to supposedly rescue Aaron Redwood – but instead was forced to go to the ramparts, after her two guards were nearly killed. Quinton Smith dramatically revealed that he was the one who helped Haades, and was planning on killing Aaron to end the curse place on both his family and the Redwoods for the sake of Sonya, who he was trying to convert to the Seven. Nearly murdered, the wheels of destiny turned, and fate intervened, keeping Meera alive, albeit with scars she will carry for the rest of her life. But how will this impact Meera in the future…

Maester Meera

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