First Love of Arthur, Savior and Destroyer


Madelynne was one of the prettiest women in the Teeth, and was a simple servant of the Slagathors, serving as one of the leading maids. She was a slender but fit woman with dark raven hair. She was known for often wearing red ribbons in her hair but otherwise dressed simply.


Madelynne was a childhood friend of Arthur’s, and the two played together often as children. This playing made them fond of each other, and as they grew older, that fondness soon grew to passion. Madelynne bore Arthur’s first child, Rebekka Stone and yet, due to her status, the two could never marry to each other. Madelynne served as the main waitress at Arthur’s wedding, watching Allison smile and guile her way into Arthur’s heart.

Madelynne never quite trusted Allison, despite how Allison treated Arthur, and was probably a bit jealous. It is believed that her inability to be married to Arthur cause her to become “Mad Maddie” soon afterwards, a demon of enormous proportions who killed for revenge and pleasure. Finally, after years of striking from the shadows, she snapped, killing not only her brother but also Allison. For this, she was executed.

In reality, unknown to all but Arthur Slagathor and Maester Meera she discovered that Allison was behind the numerous questionable disappearances over the years, including her brother’s, and finally sought revenge, revenge she acquired. She accepted her penalty without a compliant, leaving her only child without a mother.

Or rather, two children. According to a recent revelation, it is known to Meera that she had a second child to an unknown father, by the name of Glen. The child was sent to House Reed, where he died a few years later.


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