Lillian Stone

Bastard Daughter of Arthur, the Youngest Follower


Little Lily only showed up two years ago with a messenger from Runestone. The messenger declined to state anything, refused all payment, and left once giving the child and a note to Clifford, who was out riding at that time. What was in that note is unknown (Clifford didn’t peek, as it was only for Arthur). What is known is that the black-haired Lillian has been a delight since arriving. She is a rather cheery kid, often asking questions, and can usually be seen following Meera (Sarah) around. She also likes petting the pet Octopus.


Little Lily has discovered recently that Ysabel has the best bed to bounce on, that she can help teach a class with Marla, that running without shoes is the best, and she has own her pet octopus, named Squishy Squishy. Recently, Lily has a new pet cat, nickname Shadow Shadow and/or Flufflies, and has been insistent in following Meera around, as she interrupted a couple of her conversations. She is a happy girl.

Lillian Stone

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