Leo Slagathor

Second Son, Warrior, Tactician, Owner of Squishy Tim


Leo is a handsome seventeen year old son of Arthur Slagathor, with dark brown hair that is nearly black. A somewhat tall man, he is often seen with his Bastard Sword and Shield near at hand.


Leo is the third child and the twin of Ysabel Slagathor. Leo has followed the ways of his brother, focusing on the martial arts. He has a natural talent for warfare strategy and gets along with just about everyone in the House. He is the current Master-At-Arms and leads the well-trained Garrison troops at the Teeth. He earned this position from his actions at Battle of Shadowcat Gate where he slew Brennos. He seems to be content with his role in life but is not married, slightly unusual for a 17-year old.

Phil bears no ill well towards Rebekka Stone and treats her well. He often defers to his sister, Ysabel, who sometimes resents his inability to take advantage of his own talents – this oddly seems to make Maester Meera look favorably upon him. He has a good relationship with his brothers Marcus and Clifford.

Leo handled the Wedding of Graftons pretty well – he went into the 2nd round of dueling contest, handled his interrogation from Randall the Unbrave, and wooed two ladies – one of whom, Sonya Redwood, he may soon marry. During the Crowmore Investigation, Sonya stated she would agree to marry if he would help her find vengeance – including wiping out the mountain-men, a concept that Leo had no worry about, but others in his family may do so…

Leo has helped his family with the investigation by getting to know Sonya, in multiple ways. He discovered that Sonya wakes sometimes in the middle of the night, and that Quinton Smith is quick to follow. He showed his heart though when yelling at the Garrison guards for mistreating the former Castellean, got to know the fierce general Jason Avar, and learned of the cowardice of the Garrison Commander Marlin. He had a good talk with Quinton Smith and Sonya Redwood, and questioned Meera’s judgment when she declared that Quinton was the traitor. Still, when informed by Geena of the situation, he rushed to Aaron Redwood, got his and Marlin’s help, and slew a guard to rescue Meera. He is still engaged to Sonya Redwood, but who knows how it will turn out…

Leo Slagathor

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