Rebekka Stone

Loyal, Eldest, Daughter of "Mad Maddie"


Rebekka Stone is a slender woman of 22 years, who wears dark clothes with some basic armor. Trained with a bow, Rebekka lurks in the shadows, waiting for the latest order and for a picture.


Rebekka is the only daughter of Arthur Slagathor and Madelyne, as the two were childhood friends and lovers. Rebekka is esteemed and loved by her father, along with several of Arthur’s children, such as Marcus Felix Slagathor and Leo Slagathor and is close to Maester Meera.

Rebekka was twelve when she and the others discovered that her mother was responsible for killing dozens of people over the years, but her last kill was the most shocking: Arthur’s wife, Allison Slagathor. And yet instead of being shunned, Rebekka is still a member of the family – a bastard, but family, and she will do anything to keep and prove this belonging and love she has for her house.

Rebekka has quite the adventure during the Wedding of the Graftons, helping prevent the assassination of the Freys, have a rendevous with her fellow bastard friend with the Slagathors, and read some Dance of Dragon History. Even killed an Assassin. So yeah, pretty busy.

During the Redwood Investigation, she spent time getting to know Terra Stone, bodyguard commander of the Redwoods, while running after Geena from a potential entanglement. Staying up all night to observe Aaron, she saw that Aaron had a good time with Pamela the Scribe and then saw no one else till Nestor, his close advisor in the early morning. She discovered that the Master of Hunt was found dead, and that the former Castellean was to be executed. After getting some sleep, she went with Geena and Sam to investigate Borum and Ferus, and ended up learning about a rite involving Silver, though it did end with Borum and Ferus dead.

To investigate the rite in the forest, she left with a group of eighteen men with 2nd in Command Jones. They took their time, but she, jones and three others proceeded to the site, where they saw Haades and [[:jack-redwood | Jack Redwood]] performing rituals. Rebekka eliminated Silver and Cooper, though she took a nasty arrow in the thigh, and saw a comrade fall next to her. She also saw Jones get cursed by Haades. Retrieving the bodies, she sheared back to Castle Hearttree, where her archery help saved Maester Meera.

Rebekka Stone

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