Jayne of Essos

Servant of Ysabel, Loyal and Crafty, Coffee-Maker


An Essos woman, she has an exotic look to her, with tanned skin and an interesting face. She wears simple servant clothes and can be seen constantly carrying things for Ysabel.


Ysabel hired Jayne a few months ago to do work like research, paperwork, some heavy lifting, and anything to do with linguistics. 15-year-old Jayne was once a slave in Essos who was freed upon her master’s death due to her good work. As he left her a little coin, she used it to travel from Lys to Braavos and finally to Westeros to escape any possibility of being dragged back into slavery. She was hired on by Chadwick at the Teeth’s harbor a couple of years ago, who then recommended her to Ysabel when the latter was looking for an assistant. Ysabel thinks highly of Jayne.

Jayne escorted Lady Ysabel to House Crowmore’s castle, Greenwind, to prove her worth to her master. Jayne out-coffeed Hilda the Maid at dessert, but failed to negotiate a deal with her for information; so she stole it while Ysabel distracted her. She then served drugged wine to Marshall, Master of Hunt, though failed to find any evidence on his desk about what is going on. She received a bonus from Ysabel for her performance though, so she must be doing well. Continuing to be of service, she saved Hilda from killing herself, had Hilda poison Lady Crowmore (thus potentially saving her life) and convince the Castellean to keep an eye for the lady. She earned much praise – but the greatest gift was her earning a Fate Point!

With Chadwick heading off to Witch Isle to look for information on the Manticores, Jayne has become the #2 for Ysabel, helping run the port and the expansion of the new market. Over the past few months, she has been practicing her cooking, for a couple of reasons, and she has taught Rupert a few of her recipes. It is rumored among the servants that Jayne has a crush on one of the Slagathors.

Jayne of Essos

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