Jack Redwood

Lord of Light Follower, Traitor, Warrior


Jack Redwood, 36, is a handsome man with black hair and a tall, muscled stature. Never far from his horse, Blackwind, Jack is always seen with a sharp blade.


Jack Redwood, of House Redwood, was a legendary fighter of the Vale in his youth. At the age of 15, he defeated Yohn Royce in his first tournament, and in a single year won the tournaments at Wickendon, Gulltown and the Eyrie, winning the distinction of King’s Landing. Invited to a tournament there, he won, defeating Barristan Selmy and earning for himself a Kingsguard membership at the age of 18.

He served for about 14 years, but not entirely faithfully. Although kept out of polite conversation, it was rumored that Jack took in all of the pleasures of the capital. It’s unknown what exactly Jack did, but eventually, he was kicked out and sent to the Wall for his crimes. However, Jack escaped and had not been seen for some time.

Recently, Jack broke into Castle Heartree, scarred its Godswood, rescued Haades, and made Aaron nearly go mad. Now a follower of the Lord of Light, he was at the initiation rite in the Redwood Forest. He slew four archers without taking a wound, but being unable to rescue is brothers, rode by himself, alone, into the forest. Who knows when he will be seen again…….

Jack Redwood

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