Geena Slagathor

3rd Daughter of Arthur, Fashionable Lass


Geena longs to be out of the Teeth – the huge castle, mostly devoid of people, reminds her painfully of the glories of the real cities nearby, like Runestone or Gulltown. To most, she is a sweet woman who loves, well, sweets; someone who is just waiting for her older sisters to marry and is quite enchanting to many lads; however, to her family, she has an occasional vindictive side that appears at random and comes up in odd, strange, sometimes violent ways, and as a child she was known for torturing animals for fun. She wears the finest clothes possible, and always has her hair in the latest fashions. As a child she had a wicked temper, but has learned to control it much better — well, usually. Out of all the children, she reminds the older children the most of their mother in appearance, but not in demeanor. She enjoys the attention of adoring men, uses her funds freely, and enjoys sleeping in. She can also act indecisive, but wither this is because she feels unable to make a decision, or just doesn’t want to is a question.


Geena has longed to see Gulltown – so was quite pissed that she was not selected to go to the Wedding of the Grafton. She was happy for her sister Nina though, and helped her pick out some clothes for the event. She helped her father Arthur run the Teeth while Ysabel was away, helping deal with tariffs and managing household affairs efficiently. But next time she wants to go…

Geena spent some time catching up with the gossip of Gulltown, and ensuring that Nina was well. She helped her father Arthur prepare for the various trips, and has begun ordering the necessary supplies for the gathering of the Raven Five. During the Redwood Investigation, Geena has spend time getting to know Morton Waynwood, and others at the Redwood camp, enjoying the attention spent on her. She ran off towards the end of dinner with Paxson the Brave, which might lead to something interesting…but it didn’t, as Geena pushed him away. After a good night’s rest, she talked to the soldiers and got to know more about the situation. Taking a single guard named Sam, she investigated the town outside Heartree, where she talked with the smith, who told her about Ferus and is making of the suspicious necklaces.

Waiting for her half-sister, Rebecca, the three of them found Ferus and Borum in Ferus’s house, discovering about a new member rite east of them where Silver, Ferus’s brother, was expected to be. While the evening ended with death and fire, much valuable information was found. This also caused a raucous at the evening’s dinner, where Marlin, after failing to learn what happened, tried to resign rather than earn the potential wrath of the Slagathors. Geena tried calming down the bickering men of the Redwoods, and then talked with Jason Avar for a bit. Most importantly though, when Quinton Smith’s men tried to trick into leaving her her room, she refused, and then informed the others of the situation, upon finding out that Meera was missing. This led to Quinton Smith being found and Maester Meera being rescued.

Geena kept a low profile upon her return. That’s not to say she did nothing – she is busily preparing the castle for the Raven Five meeting, ensuring that the right protocol, foods and decorations are in place, essential things to make a good impression on the guests. She helped comfort Nina after her reaction to Jones, and told Arthur/Meera/Ysabel about Nina not painting afterwards.

Geena Slagathor

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