Gareth Stone

Bastard Son of Arthur, Well-Behaved


Gareth has curly brown hair, is of above-average height, and is in good shape. He is constantly by the sea trying to learn what he can; diligent in his studies; kind, thoughtful, and respectful to all; and shows promise with both a sword and bow. An ideal bastard, he often volunteers to help when needed, though sometimes this is an excuse just to play tag with Corinne, who he is close to. His mother, Elyza, is an inn-girl at a place on the way to Gulltown, and sent Gareth as a baby for Lord Slagathor to raise. Gareth has a tendency to do whatever is asked, though, which can be used against him, and he can be a bit meek.


Gareth has spent much of his time accompanying Rupert Slagathor and his misadventures, often getting blamed for Rupert’s follies. Quiet, but still a good kid. Gareth is still hanging around Rupert, like a good quiet bastard. It is known among the servants though that Gareth is close to Corienne, and therefore is frustrated that she has been hanging around with Rebekka lately, a person that he is not fond of.

Gareth Stone

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