Corinne Stone

Bastard Daughter of Arthur, Mischievous Bardling


Corinne is a troublemaker. Corinne is often accused of being a thief, a liar, a tattletale, and all these things are true. She will do almost anything for an extra scoop of food, or to win some childish game. Corinne is quite fast for her age, though, and seems to know all the secret tunnels of the castle, and like her deceased mother, she is a remarkable musician and singer. Whenever a bard visits, she watches intently from afar, and learns as much as she can. The yellow-haired child, her mother was a wife to a traveling bard; she had an affair with Slagathor, so the bard left her behind. The mother died four years ago when she awkwardly fell down some stairs, with rumors saying it was the Ghost of Mad Maddy.


Corienne often seems as though she is not paying attention to Meera classes, more concerned with playing music and exploring her world. After the Wedding of the Grafton, Rebekka decided to train Corienne in the ways of stealth, something Corienne appreciates, even if she does not know this has happened. She showed Rebekka secret passages throughout the Teeth, all behind giant paintings that go downstairs to the basement or sub-basement level. She’s talented with the flute, and still developing her guitar skills.

Corienne bragged to Rebekka that she had found a couple of new passages, and agreed to keep them to a secret. With Rebekka’s help, she won a silver stag for drinking a watered-down wine glass. The two of them also found a strange iron door underneath the new crypts with an ominous message in Valryian. During the pirate attack, she stuck with Rebekka until Ratifi was found, and went back to the others as a messenger. When Meera translated it and asked where she found out about it, she bluntly lied and said Rupert wrote it as she walked away.

Corinne Stone

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